Lightlife Asian Teriyaki frozen entree


Let me start off by saying what drew me to this entree was the size. There were about 6 flavors of the Light Life line at my local grocery store in bright yellow boxes that were BIG! They were much longer, maybe even 1 1/2 – 2x the size of a lean cuisine. They promised “veggie goodness for you and the planet”. I just knew it was gonna be good!

I purchased the Light Life  Asian Teriyaki, which was “broccoli, edamame, fire-roasted pineapple & shiitake mushrooms with whole-grain brown rice”. Each entree had 2 servings of veggies and one serving of whole grains. It even comes with a sauce packet, so you don’t have to eat it with the sauce (although i think it would be bland without it…it would just be vegetables and rice. But if your watching sodium or whatever, you can surely season your own way!), and you can also control how much sauce you want ( i used the whole packet though, and i thought it covered everything quite nicely).
This meal was BIG, as i said. 11.75 oz to be exact. There were tons of veggies and a generous portion of brown rice. The veggies were a nice “fork sinking into” size too. No skimpy, mushy veggies in here! The broccoli and the edamame were the best in my opinion. Fresh and crisp, the broccoli soaked up the sauce and was really flavorful. Next, i liked the carrots and the mushrooms. The carrots were crisp as well, and the mushrooms were soft and tender. I didn’t really care for the pineapple or the peppers. The pineapple was okay, i would have preferred it to be sweeter and have more of a bite to it. The peppers were kind of bland too. 🙁 Moving on to the rice, it was excellent.  🙂 ! Cooked just the right way, it tasted like rice should. It was fluffy and soft, not dry or too sticky. Lastly, the sauce. It adds an extra 90 calories to the dish overall, but i think it was worth it. It was a sweetish soy sauce with a slight kick to it. I also tasted some ginger flavor. It was a wee bit salty, but all soy sauce typically is salty tasting.

I think this meal was quite good. it was very filling for all the volume it provided. I think it would be good for one of those days you eat crap alllll day and feel guilty, or when your in the mood for some asian cuisine without  having to order takeout and waste your money on something bad for you! It has loads of veggies, whole grain rice, is low in fat, and high in fiber. And, of course, preservatives and artificial crap isn’t in this baby!

i can’t wait to try the other varieties!

1 entree is 310 calories, 7 grams of fat, 51 carbohydrates, 7 grams f fiber, and 10 grams of protein. You also get 50% of your Vitamin A needs and 80% of your Vitamin C. Yay!

Entree-cooked whole grain brown rice, broccoli, edamame, fire roasted pineapple, carrots, red peppers, shiitake mushrooms.

Sauce- water, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), pineapple juice, canola oil, ginger puree, evaporated cane juice, corn starch, garlic puree, less than 2% sesame oil, yeast extract, xantham gum, caramel color, spices.

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  1. sounds good! I love frozen meals when I need a quick dinner, especially after a long day of school – you know this chick does not wanna be cookin!

  2. I ADORE your blog 🙂 Love the reviews – I’m about to look through some more of them right now!

    Frozen meals are amazing when you’re on the go, especially in college, so I love em’ 😛

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. hey thanks! i checked out your blog too- it’s awesome as well!
    keep bloggiin
    Lotsa Love,

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