Simply Scrumptous Carrot Cake

Oh, Simply Scrumptous, a brand that has yet to let me down. I already reviewed their delicious cookies & cupcakes here from the Fit & Flavorful line of products (and ENJOYED them, very much!)

Along with the cookies and cupcakes, Simply Scrumptous also offers a fat free carrot cake. Don’t let the words “fat free” scare you off- everything from the Fit & Flavorful line of SImply Scrumptous’ products is fat free- yet still bursting with flavor!

So, Simply Scrumptous sent me a few of their carrot cakes to try. Each one is actually decently sized, about the size of a pack of gum in length, but about 2-3 packs of gum in width.There is also a layer of icing on top, which wasn’t as hard as the icing layer on the cupcakes, but delicious none-the-less, and had a sweet vanilla flavor. The cake itself is very moist and dense, which strong carrot flavors. There are actual carrot pieces that you bite into. Which, on one hand, makes me feel healthy (hey! I’m eating veggies with my dessert!), but I think I woud have also preferred the carrots to be a bit smaller in size, or pureed a little more for a smoother texture.

Overall, not bad! I never really was a “carrot cake” person (I always opted for chocolate when given a choice!), but perhaps I see a future with carrot cake now. I liked the different flavor, it was satisfying, but not overly sweet. And, a good amount of fiber per piece, and fat free, you’d never tell it wasn’t loaded with calories! It does lose some points in my book for being made with refined sugar and having 20 grams of sugar per serving. That’s a tad bit high, but then again, it is a dessert!  3 1/2 stars

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