Rising Moon Organics Macaroni & Cheese Original Dinner

Time for a good ol’ mac & cheese review! This time, one by Rising Moon Organics that I got for free with a coupon from Rising Moon Organics. I boiled some water, added the macaroni, and began!

After cooking it, I added the cheese powder and milk, but didn’t add butter. The cheese stuck on the macaroni no problem. Here’s what it looked like on my plate.

I was excited to try it- but unfortunately, was less than excited once I actually did. It had a very off cheese taste, almost like a soy cheese flavor. Not that cheesy flavor I normally got from boxed versions of mac & cheese. It kind of had that sharpness of flavor that white cheddar had, yet tasted also like yellow american cheese. Hmm….

It wasn’t very salty tasting, either. Just kind of an off flavor, I wasn’t really a fan. What I did like was that the noodles were soft and plump- really good noodles!

Overall, not my favorite. The only thing I really liked about the macaroni & cheese, besides being organic, was the noodles. 2 stars.

What’s your favorite brand of boxed mac & cheese?

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