Stonyfield Farm Organic Mango Honey Yogurt

One of the greatest inventions of food for me was definitely yogurt. But not just any yogurt- real, natural yogurt. One of my favorite brands is Stonyfield Farm- they produce some really delicious and organic products!

Today’s review? The Organic Mango Honey Yogurt. I  usually eat yogurt with some cereal, or something like a slice of banana bread for a snack before dinner.

I opened up this container and gave it a stir. It was  a creamy yogurt, that was a pale yellow in color. I took a scoop and really enjoyed it- no overpowering flavors at all. Just a tinge of honey and a tinge of mango. Just enough were it was sweet, but not sugary tasting. It had a very fresh flavor to it, and was actually quite delicious. The honey gave it a bit of a tang, and the mango provided a slight aftertaste as well.

Overall, this one gets 4 stars from me. Nothing like real yogurt. Stonyfield Farms has my heart (and my spoon) forever!

1 6oz cup is 130 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 23 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 23 grams of sugar and 7 grams of protein.

Whats your favorite Stonyfield Farm yogurt (if you tried one?) My favorite is the Banilla!

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2 thoughts on “Stonyfield Farm Organic Mango Honey Yogurt”

  1. Hi, I found this Webpage and I love Stonyfield Banilla yogurt, too! Yogurt has definitely helped me in better handling my diverticolitis and IBS. Their Banilla yogurt is some of the best mix of texture, flavor and creaminess I have ever had. I get 2 of the big cartons at once, everytime I go grocery shopping! 🙂

  2. isnt it delicious?! I wish it came in the 6 oz cups! thanks for visiting my site 🙂

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