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Jamba Juice Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie

Author: Healthnuttxo

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, no? The only thing I was craving was something creamy, fruity and cool. What better way to satisfy that craving than with a Jamba Juice smoothie?

I walked into Jamba Juice and decided on the Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie in the Sixteen size, as I happen to love strawberry and banana mixed together. I was a little taken aback at the price- $5.12 for a smoothie. That’s quite a chunk of change for a smoothie! However, I would soon find out it was worth it!

As you can see, it was a pale pink in color, with a frothy top. It was smooth and not too thick, which was good.  It was also pretty sweet, but not sugary tasting. It had mostly a strawberry-yogurt type of flavor, with some banana undertones as well.  I love that I could taste the occasional piece of strawberry or strawberry seed, which gave it a very natural and authentic feel. In fact, at the bottom of the smoothie I found a little chunk of banana and a piece of strawberry as well!

Overall, it was really good. I would get it again, but not every day since I can’t afford to spend over 5 bucks for a smoothie every day (although I WOULD if I could!!). As a whole, 4 stars

What’s your favorite recipe for a homemade smoothie?

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