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Sunland Raspberry Natural Peanut Butter

Author: Healthnuttxo

Yep. You read correctly. Raspberry Peanut Butter. You KNOW I was excited to try this when I saw it in the store! Immediately into my cart it went for me to buy and well… enjoy !

On my drive home, I couldn’t imagine what this was going to taste like. Very tart? Very fruity? Awkward tasting?

Here’s what it looked like straight from the jar (of course, I had already eaten some at this point!)- a very thick peanut butter, HARDLY any oil separation or stirring required!

I would say predominantly, it was a sweet peanut butter, with an awesome raspberry flavor. Not a fake raspberry flavor, which I really enjoyed! It had a slight tart flavor that raspberries often have, and also a slight salty after taste. It really was incredibly tasty! I have only eaten it straight from the jar as of yet, but I think it would rock on oatmeal or toast too.

I also like that it wasn’t a super runny peanut butter. I do love super runny nut butters, but sometimes they are not practical for eating straight from the jar with a spoon (been there, done that….lets just say I got peanut butter EVERY where!!). This one literally sticked on the spoon!

Overall, pretty good. My only thing was that it was a tad high in sugar, and lower in protein than other nut butters I have had in the past. 4 1/2 stars

And, by request, here’s the nutritional breakdown in picture form, straight from the jar!

If you could put ANY fruit in a peanut butter, what would it be? I think mango or strawberry peanut butter would be really tasty!

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  • Tanya says:

    Mango peanut butter – I don’t think I could get into that combo 🙂 Maybe vanilla ice cream peanut butter though!

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    vanilla ice cream peanut butter sounds heavenly 😀

  • Lauren says:

    The banana version of this is also fantastic!!

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    ah yes! 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    I would want to try peanut butter with banana flavoring or strawberry. I’ve never seen any peanutbutter with fruit flavors at my stores before though. Besides the normal pb’s like skippy etc, we only have one or two pb&c flavors and everyonce in a while Justin’s nut butter

  • nik says:

    Blueberry for sure…I think strawberry (or any berry I think), kiwi, papaya, pomegranate, dates or figs would be good too!

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    @Ashley- well, thats ok. pb&c and justins are awesome!! 🙂
    @nik- oooh blueberry peanut butter! interesting! I think fig/date peanut butter would work really well too!!

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