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Lotus Biscoff Cookies

Author: Healthnuttxo

Ever heard of Biscoff cookies?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you try them.


A friend of mine said she thinks she had these before on a plane ride. Which makes sense, seeing this is on the label! (:

I bought a bunch of these online the other day, and I’m so happy I did. Not only are they crazy good, there something special and unique about them. As in, so unique I can’t stop eating them.


It’s a crunchy cookie, with delicious cinnamon flavor, and almost just the teeny, tiniest hint of ginger in the back ground. Except, I checked the ingredients, and it does not state ginger. I could swear I taste it, but seeing as I’m sure the label is more accurate than my palate, I guess I’ll have to accept the fact there is no ginger in it. HOWEVER, there is just a hint of spice that tastes like Ginger.

These actually remind me of cinnamon graham crackers. But better. On the cover it states it’s “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee”. I’m not located in Europe, nor do I drink a lot of coffee, but that’s not going to stop me from eating these. Or buying them (again).

What I really liked- the serving size. FOUR cookies! I love when serving sizes are more than 2, so this one scored extra points with me.

They are a tad high in saturated fat ( 3 grams per serving) and 12 grams of sugar per serving. And the ingredients are pretty good.

But I take into fact that these are cookies, meant to be treats. Even though I’m pretty sure I will be eating them every day until they are gone. (I can feel a deficit in my bank account as I type this…)

Overall? 4 1/2 stars. Delicious, and certainly worth a try!

So, since these are “Airline Cookies”, if you could eat these and travel ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go? I think Cancun has my vote 🙂

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  • tea-bag says:

    well, the next trip on my list is probably thailand! i want to wander around and eat random street food! 🙂

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    thailand sounds awesome!!! hope you get some Biscoff cookies on your way there ;P

  • Courtney says:

    I absolutely LOVE THESE COOKIES!!!! I buy them all the time, but Biscoff does make one product that is even better than these (I know, hard to believe). It’s their Biscoff Spread. They say on there website that they sell it in stores but i have yet to find it, I just order it off there website. But anyway, this is some seriously good stuff, i mean like last meal type of food. It tastes like puréed Biscoff cookies. SOOOOO GOOD! I can eat a whole jar in one sitting, you have to try this!

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    I’ve had the spread! It came with the cookies. it IS better than the cookies!!!!! Soa greed!!!! and I ate 1/3 of the jar in one sitting. with a spoon. dont judge me 🙂

  • Rodzilla says:

    Just picked these up locally and was planning the review. Beat me to it..I’m not as much of a fan, but I still really want to find/try biscoff spread.

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    biscoff spread is amazing- if you dont love the cookies, you might at least enjoy the spread!! 🙂

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