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Apple Cinnamon “Rice Pudding” Oatmeal

Author: Healthnuttxo

This morning, I was feeling something a little different than my normal bowl (ok…two bowls) of cereal, with fruit, milk and spoon full of peanut butter. Don’t get me wrong, I think that will always be my favorite breakfast, but I was feeling some change.

So I cooked up some oatmeal, added a few ingredients, and once I tasted it, it really reminded me of rice pudding! Rice pudding is one of my absolute favorite desserts, especially topped with cinnamon. Now I can enjoy it, with the health benefits of oats!

Here’s what you need:

1/2 cup rolled oats (I used Quaker)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
BUNCH of cinnamon- I didn’t measure, but I added a lot.
1 apple (half cut in tiny pieces, half in slices or however you want to eat)
3 packets stevia (or sugar)
butter (to taste)

In a pot, add the milk, water, oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and 2 packets of stevia. Cook until desired consistency. Add half of the apple to the pot in the final minute or so, so it is warm and soft.

Transfer oatmeal to a bowl. Add the final packet of stevia/sugar on top, along with the butter. Add some milk around the edges if desired. Enjoy with other half of apple, some toast, juice, etc.

I gotta learn to wipe the sides of the bowl clean before I take pictures …..  ; )

I really liked this oatmeal- I will certainly try it again. Let me know if you try it and like it!

What’s your favorite oatmeal recipe? I’d love to hear some!

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  • Katie says:

    Everyone else makes awesomesauce oatmeal bowls, and mine always come out horrible! This looks crazy delish though, when I get tired of Vitatops, this will be on my breakfast “to do” list!

  • I will do a lot od different savory and sweet oatmeal recipes. One of my favroites uses smoked bacon and figs. There’s a real contrast in the texture and some very deep flavors. I also really like adding maybe a teaspoon or two of butter to oatmeal, like you. It makes it incredibly rich, and you get a real appreciation for the flavor of the oats by themselves.

    Also, those looking for a savory route may wanna try some parmigiano-reggiano. And I’ve always been amazed at how lemon zest can spruce up a sweet bowl of oatmeal and give it more of a cooling effect.

  • Healthnuttxo says:

    @Katie- yay! def let me know if you like it. And certainly adjust the sweetness to your preference!! 🙂

    @Adam-butter is an amazing addition to oatmeal. i cant stress butter enough- it REALLY makes all the difference! I never had a savory bowl of oats tho- but I cant see how it wouldn’t taste good!! 🙂

  • […] oatmeal add in? Mine is good ol cinnamon, butter, and milk. Like this yummy recipe here! : […]

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