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The Ginger People Peanut Ginger Chews

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Ginger. I think it’s a love it or leave it kind of thing. As in, too much ginger would totally turn me off – leave it. But just the right amount, like in a gingerbread cookie or a subtle flavor in an entree? love it. I’ve tried some products by The Ginger People before, mostly the original Ginger Chews. Every […]

3 1/2 stars , Gluten Free , Nut Butters, Toppings & Spreads

Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping

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Um………confession time. I am a Cool-Whip addict. But seriously. I KNOW, it’s full of not-so-good for you ingredients, I think I’ve even seen the really evil ones like HFCS or trans fats, and I KNOW it practically has no nutritional value and I KNOW why don’t I just eat natural whipped cream? Well, I can’t explain it. Something about cool-whip. […]

3 Star , Frozen Foods

Annie Chun’s Mini Wontons Chicken and Garlic

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Something new for me to try! Browsing the aisle at Whole Foods, I wanted to try something out of the ordinary (or at least so for me) to have as a snack or as part of a meal. I decided to pick up these and give them a try. The ingredients and nutritional information seemed pretty good and up to […]

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