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A surprise awaited me the other day when I opened my door- a box of free goodies from Classic Foods! They sent me a few bags of their new Poptillas, which are popped tortilla chips. According to the bag, they are “gluten free, popped not fried, no cholesterol, no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, [and have] no preservatives”. They are also made with “whole grain corn”-Sounds like a solid start for a snack for me!

I flipped over the bag and inspected the nutritional information. 18 chips was 120 calories, with 6 grams of fat, 250 mg of sodium, 2 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar. Not bad! The sodium was a tad high, but that’s expected with snack food to give it that yummy flavor we all know and love 😉

I took a few out of the bag…

They looked like Popchips/soy chips. The flavor was actually quite good! It had a nice airy crunch, kind of like that with a soy crisp. The cheesy flavor was detected automatically, and there was a little bit of spice/garlic/onion flavor. Just the right amount of salty flavor, that makes me both enjoy it, yet want to have a glass of water nearby. They really reminded me of the flavor of nacho cheese!  In fact, it was like eating both the nacho cheese and the tortilla chip at once, since the flavor of the cheese was there, and the crunch from the nachos. Delicious!

Overall, I really like these! They definitely will fulfill a salty craving and have a satisfying crunch. Worth a try!!! 4.5 stars

Do you take a daily multi-vitamin?

I must say, even though I generally have a good diet, I do take a multi-vitamin (in the gummy form of course. What can I say? It brings out my inner childhood 🙂 )

Something new I was offered to try for free, the AlternaVites Kids Strawberry Bubble Gum Quick-Melting Multivitamin & Mineral Crystals. Some facts about this product I was provided with, is that they have 0 grams of sugar, no aspartame, and have no artificial colors or flavors! Sounds like my kind of vitamin. And in flavors like Strawberry Bubble Gum and Raspberry Cotton Candy? Let me try!

I opened up on of the packets. The consistency was a fine, white powder. It came in a tube, kind of like those you would get for Crystal Light on the Go, but skinnier.

It recommends to not pour the entire tube at once on your tongue (good thing I read the directions, I had plans to do that!) and I can see why. I did about half the tube, and although it dissolved very quickly, the whole tube would have been too much.

As for the taste? The taste was pretty good. Mildly sweet and a bit tart, it had a creamy strawberry flavor to it, with a bubble gum aftertaste. It did kind have that “toothpastey” flavor, as it was “sweet” without really being “sweet”. It was good, but not amazing flavorwise.

However, I like these! I would love to try the other flavor to see what it’s like. They are convenient, and only 5 calories, and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals per tube. Super easy, and super fun way to get kids to take a multivitamin/supplement !

Overall, 3.5 stars. Worth a try!

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Clif Builder’s S’mores Protein Bar

Author: Healthnuttxo

Another Builder’s Bar review! This time, the S’mores flavor. Who could really ever resist a S’more? Chocolate? Marshmallow? Graham crackers? All warm and gooey…

Ok I’ll stop now, before day dreaming turns into my actually going out to buy ingredients to make S’mores….

Insert Clif Builder’s S’mores Protein Bar, made with natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and still some muscle-loving protein. I liked the chocolate chip one I had a few days ago, and bought a whole bunch more.

Upon first bite, I REALLY liked it. It was sweeter than the Chocolate Chip flavor, and more flavorful. The top part was soft and chewy and dense, and the bottom part of the bar was “crunchier”, and together it was a really complimenting texture.

The flavor I would say was a predominant sweet chocolate, with a good bit of marshmallow flavor. I did get the sense that the bar contained a “toasted” flavor, kind of like a graham cracker would provide. As with the other bar, or any protein bar really, I needed some water to drink with this. (Hey, some milk if you feel like adding even more protein!) It had that salty/sweet combination going on, and water fit the bill quite nicely.

Overall, yum! Love the high protein, and that it’s low glycemic according to the wrapper. I also like how it doesn’t taste chalky like some protein bars can. It is a bit high in sugar/sodium and low in fiber, so overall, 4 stars

Will buy again! 🙂

Something new!!!!

Browsing for a new peanut butter to buy at Whole Foods ( at 2 jars a week, I’m getting a little bored of my usuals you could say…) I saw this gem on the bottom shelf. WHY it was hiding all the way down there is beyond me, but a good eye can spot it. Earth Balance Crunchy Coconut & Peanut Spread. At first I wasn’t going to buy it, afraid the coconut would be, well, weird with peanut butter. But then I thought why not, and it was an average price for peanut butter (don’t remember the exact $$, but a little more than a usual plain jar I believe).

I opened up the jar and did a tiny stir. Mmm.

It’s really quite good! A thick peanut butter with tons of crunchy chopped peanuts. It’s sweet yet salty, and you can definitely taste the coconut. The coconut wasn’t too overpowering, but definitely provided a good amount of flavor.

I would say the peanut butter part reminded me of what Skippy or Jif peanut butter tasted like, as it was sweeter and saltier than I am used to. However, only 2 grams of sugar and 95 mg of sodium per serving, so really not that bad at all!

I also really liked how crunchy the chopped peanuts were. They tasted very fresh, and added a really good texture to the peanut butter. While there is a lot going on, crunchy peanuts and coconut flavor, all in all, it’s a good combination. It did say “no stir” on the top, and I did have a tiny bit of oil separation but not too bad at all. This spread is also gluten free and vegan. Yay!

Overall, 4 1/2 stars. A must try!

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NuvoSport ProGel

Author: Healthnuttxo

Pro Gel.

What’s that?

Protein gelatin, perhaps? =D

I know, I never saw/heard/thought of it before, but low and behold, it exists!

I got a free sample to try from the company, and with the combination of 1. Being hungry 2. Not wanting to eat junk food and 3. on a high protein diet, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try this snack.

Side note: it came with a super cute small spoon. (win!!!!)

I opened  up my Pro-Gel, which was packed with protein, low in calories, and even had some fiber. Here’s how it looked.

I scooped some out, and noticed it’s thickness. Now, I’ve had my fair share of Jell-O in the past, so I’m familiar with the consistency. This was pretty much the same just…thicker and a bit stickier.

The flavor? It was ok. It reminded me of a strawberry Kiwi flavored gelatin. And a sugar-free one at that. Being a diabetic, I’m used to sugar free products, and I can really tell when a product has been sweetened by sugar or not. This tasted like it was sweetened with sugar, as it was “sweet” but not really sugar sweet.

However, the tartness overpowered any potential sweetness it could have. And while I appreciate it that this doesn’t taste like it’s fortified with any protein, I don’t think I’d be able to eat it again. It wasn’t really that good, and too tart. Perhaps if it was a cherry flavor I would have liked it more. But whatever flavor it supposedly tasted like other than “tart”, I was not a fan of.

Overall, 2 stars. It wasn’t horrible, I just wouldn’t buy it in the future. Love the high protein for such a small cup, but I’ll stick to my eggs, protein bars, milk and lots and lots of peanut butter for my protein for now!

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