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In honor of Earth Day, I was sent some free Earth friendly alcohol to review! Woo!!! (I AM of legal age….no worries!)  I was sent a bottle of Eppa Organic Sangria and Casa Noble Tequila to try. Eppa Organic Sangria is a red wine, “made with organically grown grapes, organic fruit blend of pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange and acai juices” (according to the bottle). It sounded absolutely delicious and I couldn’t want to try a glass. Hey- if you are going to drink, you might as well choose something organic, eh? 😉

It had a slightly fruity smell to it, with deep and rich undertones. A very dark purple in color, as you can see from the picture above. I am not normally a wine drinker but…I liked this one! It was sweet at first, and then I really tasted some of the rich berry flavors. I really liked the subtle warmth and kick at the end, assuming to be from the citrus essences as the bottle describes. Fruity and sweet, but not overly sweet, it was very refreshing and very good. 4 stars.

Next up, the Tequila!

Casa Noble Tequila is Earth friendly because all of the processes that go into making the Tequila are natural. The tequila is organic as well. Bonus!!!
I decided to mix it with some juice. Whenever I have straight alcohol I prefer to mix it with cranberry juice or some type of fruity beverage over soda. I think the flavors and carbonation in soda overpower the alcohol sometimes.
This tequila  itself was very good. It went down smoothly and provided a nice after burn. It went well with the juice I mixed it with and just had a very clean and pure taste and feel to it. Nice!! 4 stars

Overall, impressive! I am not a *huge* alcohol drinker, but when I do drink it is nice to have options that are Earth friendly and made with organic ingredients. 🙂


You can view more information on Eppa’s website here, if you are interested.

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Cackalacky Review & Giveaway!

Author: Healthnuttxo



So  I was recently featured on a friend of mine’s awesome website who also does reviews, Freezerburns. We all did a video review of the Cackalacky spice sauce, which you can see here.

Now you can finally put face to name! haha.

SO- on behalf of Cackalacky, they are offering a giveaway!
What will you win?
You can win the same prize pack featured in the video, or this stuff here.

How to enter? LEAVE a comment below! 1 comment for each entry!

1. What would you like to try Cackalacky spice sauce on? (side note: I tried it/cooked it with on ground turkey another day- sooooo good!)
2. Did you picture what I looked like to be what I actually looked like? 😉

GIVEAWAY ends April 13th 12 pm EST. U.S. Only.

*******giveaway now closed******* Congrats Ashley! Look out for an e-mail from me 🙂

I was sent a free sample of the Ateevia Botanica PRIME Daily Pain Defense Cream. It is made to help allieviate pain associated with inflammation, such as “arthritic joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, lower back pain, heel pain [and] sports bruises” according to the box. It is also made with “PRIME THERAPY” which is “a powerful biocehmical storehouse of 100% natral phytonutrients that are packed with essential anti-inflammatory properties. PRIME uses Mother Nature’s own plant-derived medicine to conquer inflammatory pain naturally and safely”, according to the box as well.

The texture is thick and slightly gritty. If you use your hands to rub it into a part of your body there is a slight residue left, but nothing a simple hand wash can’t fix (unless you are using it for arthritic fingers, I suppose!). DO make sure you follow the directions and keep it away from the heat- I accidentally left mine somewhat close to my radiator and the consistency changed to a bit more liquidy.

I have a history of a torn meniscus. Every now and then it acts up and becomes swollen, say if it is one of those humid and rainy days, or if I went too heavy for squats or lunges, or did something like sprints. I had a slight tear that never had surgery and never was fully healed. This is where I put the cream. It leaves a very faint brownish color on my knee, but nothing super noticeable.  The smell is fresh, and almost plant-like.

While I don’t think it produced drastic changes, I think it did help a bit. I used it before going to sleep on a day when it particularly hurt, and I woke up with my knee less stiff and swollen. I think with regular use, this stuff could be quite effective. I especially liked that my knee wasn’t as swollen in the morning (I did sprints AND legs that day…oops!).

Overall, I think it’s worth a shot. I like that is a natural product, for sure. The texture is a bit iffy, but hey, you give and take a little for something that is natural and works. I do like the smell too, for any of you who have used Mineral Ice (guilty) I HATE the smell of that stuff! This has a natural, fresh and plant-like smell. Overall, 3.5 stars. If you have tried this, I’m curious as to what you think!

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