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If you are planning an event and are struggling on decided what food to serve, why not consider serving some of the Canapés London has to offer?

If you are planning on using a catering company for an upcoming event then you should consider requesting canapés be on the menu as they make a great addition to any event. If you are planning a sit down meal they will keep your guests’ appetites at bay until the main dishes can be served or if you want to have a small or informal party or event they can satisfy their needs.

Indulging in some of London’s best canapés has to offer is a great way to complement a main menu or they work well as stand-alone nibbles. Served alongside a champagne buffet they make for excellent finger food and also help to prevent guests from getting too tipsy before a main meal or event. They are also very versatile thanks to the huge variety of options that are available, so they can easily meet any special dietary requirements, including those who require vegetarian and gluten-free options. Variety is the key to success with canapés. They can be mixed and matched from various menus, regardless of the theme or style, there are bound to be canapés to suit the occasion. These little pieces of deliciousness are a delightful example of decorative French cuisine that can brighten any occasion.

The type of occasion you’re throwing affects the character of the event and the size of the venue, which has various impacts on the catering, including the types of food and their amounts to its preparation. As a host there are several options available when deciding how to assemble and distribute the food. You may elect to have the food delivered or prepared on-site. You may be concerned about the time it will take to deliver, as the fresher the food the better, but with specialised courier vehicles you need not worry about compromising the quality by selecting either option. Caterers and couriers have specially designed containers which are fully insulated and will keep the food in a perfectly preserved condition until the event, meaning that they’ll look and taste exactly the same as they would do if they were prepared on-site.

Having your canapés delivered has the added benefit of freeing up space at whatever venue you are hosting the event. Rather than having a team of chefs take up the entirety of a kitchen to prepare what are relatively small pieces of food, a courier can simply drop them off and you may not even want or need them to help with the setup – all you’d have to do is transfer them to trays or plates and you’re done. It also saves on having to transport all the ingredients and staff which saves time and money thanks to its simplicity.

However if you do plan to dine on some of the best Canapés London has to offer then you may want to have a team prepare the food on site as it does have an edge over delivery. In addition, a lot of catering companies will offer a complete service including which means if you are lacking an in-house team to serve the food it will work out cheaper and easier to employ one company for one total package.

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