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Inspired by Dawn Style Rx Weekly Pillbox

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Today’s review is on the Style Rx Weekly Pillbox by Inspired by Dawn. The weekly pillbox comes in two different styles/colors, and is printed on a cotton based canvas. It has 7 individual compartments, one “box” for each day of the week.


The outside canvas is super sturdy, with magnetic closure. This is great because when you stick the box in your bag, purse, etc., it won’t open up on you and let your pills spilling everywhere. I personally loved the design too! It was very pretty, and helps you take your pills with you on the go, while just looking like a cute little accessory.

The little boxes inside open and close easily, but snap close/ are not flimsy. I was worried since they appear small that it wouldn’t fit all my pills- mostly because I take a big fish oil pill per day. Those are always the make or break deal for me with pill boxes…however…it fit! I had an oblong long fish oil pill, pretty large, and it fit with room for my other pills.

The website showed some other ideas as well…such as holding jewelry in each compartment. This is a cute idea! It’s such a pain in the butt to travel with jewelry since it gets tangled or ends up missing.

Overall, very happy with this. I am going on vacation at the end of the month and this is the perfect pillbox for me to take for my week of pills. Very pleased!

4 1/2 stars


I received this for free. This is an unbiased review.



Found this baby at Target! The colors drew me in…plus I never tried this flavor, so I decided to give it a try!

As you can see, it’s a limited batch (maybe due to seasonality of the fruit??), is a blended yogurt, and is made with 2% milk (my favorite!!)


Here’s what it looked like…

You can see the little bits of plum in the yogurt- not a ton, but still there. Small and soft, like fruit from a fruit cup.

Here’s nutritional information and ingredients:



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The MedCenter System

Author: Healthnuttxo

So, as you all probably know by now, I am a Type 1 Diabetic. So I am on a slew of prescriptions that I take daily, just to help keep my body healthy, as well as some vitamins and supplements I take to help ease some side effects of Diabetes (like a probiotic!)

Personally, I take my pills morning and at night. I was offered to try the MedCenter System, retail value of $74.95, and gladly obliged! I had a crappy 5$ pill organizer I used, but this sure looked like quite the upgrade! I personally like pill organizers, especially when on very sensitive prescriptions, because it can be a HUGE deal missing a pill, or taking two by mistake! Having a system that is organized can prevent this, and many unwarranted side effects.

So, the MedCenter System is a monthly pill organizer. It uses dates rather than days of the week. It comes with a clock that tells you the time of day, and you can also set up to 4 alarms per day to remind you when you take your pills.

Here is what it looked like.


It was pretty large honestly, I would say roughly 10 inches wide by 6-7 inches for the tallest rack of pills. It has a color coated system, so the RED numbers are the pills you haven’t taken yet/are full, and the GREEN side are the pill boxes that are empty. I think this is pretty cool, since it helps you see visually when you need to reorder pills, or repurchase, and especially if you opt not to use the clock, if you already took them or not!

There are 4 sections for each individual pill box


The box itself has a pro and a con in my opinion. It is very sturdy, and roomy, which is good for those giant pills (think Fish oil, or those huge joint pills!!!). However, it can be a little hard to open. This can be good and bad- good because if it is in your pocket or purse, the pills won’t fall out and the box is shut tightly. Bad because if you have arthritis or hands are in pain for whatever reason, it may be difficult to open.

I like the compartment on the bottom that lets you rest your pill box for the day, and even has arrows pointing and aligning with each section for your pill box.

The clock has 4 main buttons. The Green button tells you the current time and date.

The blue Alarm Check button lets you confirm your alarms for the day with each click.

The yellow button puts a light on the interface of the clock.

The red Alarm Acknowledged button is what you would hit when the alarm goes off for you pill reminder.

IMG_2543Setting the time and calendar year was relatively easy. The instructions are easy to follow. The clock has the option of being Loud or VERY loud, which I like, especially if someone is hard of hearing.

Setting the alarms was a tad confusing, I messed up a few times. I wish there was an easier option of turning on and off each alarm, because I kept accidentally turning off the alarm I wanted to try to set, and that is no bueno! However, if you follow the directions carefully, it shouldn’t be a problem setting the alarm. And luckily…you can check if you set your alarm on or not with the Alarm Check button!

Overall, a great product. I know for a fact my aunt wants to steal this from me so she can organize my Grandmother’s pills…hah! The visuals are clear and easy to read, the voice is loud and easy to understand. The product itself is a tad cumbersome, but I put it in the corner of my room. And, the best part is, I can set my pills for the month and then not have to do it for another month! I would give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


I received this product for free. This is an unbiased review.


This June 21st, Marvel and Popsicle are releasing their very own digital Custom Solutions series of comic books! Popsicle comes to the rescue as a Superhero of the Summer, helping families stay cool and ward off boredom. A hard copy can be picked up in July in select Marvel stores. Popsicle will offer fun superhero activities on their website such as the “Deep Freeze 9” which both kids and families can partake and enjoy.

Vanessa Lachey is also supporting this Superhero tag team of Marvel and Popsicle as well!

You can win 5 coupons for FREE box of Popsicles: To enter…

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U.S. ONLY. Giveaway ends June 15th, 2015, 12 pm.


I got this carepackage from Salonpas! They sent me an array of pain relief in the form of patches, a spray and a gel. I was excited to try these out! I do a lot of heavy lifting at the gym, and sometimes my muscles ache (think: traps and legs!) or my lower back is stiff post deadlifts, so I thought these would certainly help. All together this bundle is valued at $100.

Deep Relieving Gel- This is clear and jelly-like…looks like a clear jelly fish in my hand! It absorbs quickly into my skin, and leaves no residue behind which is a plus. I put a dime size amount on upper back and neck.I wish I used gloves since the smell of menthol stayed on my hands for a while even post washing! But now I know for next time.

It first started with a cooling sensation, then warmed up. It felt pretty good…but needed more than it said I think. Next time around I used a little more than a dime-sized drop and felt better. My neck and trap area seemed to loosen up a bit! 4 stars

Pain Relief Patch-

Smaller, beige in color, and thin. It was Easy to apply, and stays on easy.I applied to my lower back, and it starts with cooling sensation, and then that was it. Generally ineffective…I didn’t feel anything after that initial mild cooling sensation, and my back feels the same. As a plus, it didn’t fall off. Maybe it needs to be used on smaller areas? However I would argue that if it isn’t meant for the lower back, they can’t advertise it as use for lower back. 1 star

Pain Relieving Gel Patch-HOT-

IMG_2410I used these post heavy deadlift day when I woke up to a sore back. The patches were flimsy but thick, and flexible. It was relatively easy to apply, even on my own lower back.

It started off with a cooling sensation, and left with heat. It didn’t’ seem to penetrate deeply at all, more like surface, but still helped loosen up my lower back/make it feel a little better.

The patches didn’t stay on easily. I put one on and ate breakfast, and just shifting in my chair caused the patch to start to peel off. I reapplied it a few times until I finally took it off out of frustration. Luckily, the heating sensation continued for quite some time post patch removal. However, annoying! 2 ½ stars

Pain Relieving Jet Spray-  Alrighty, let’s be blunt here…this one stinks. Literally, and figuratively. The smell is awful…like a foot cream or something mixed with menthol. It comes on nice and cool, which feels nice, but it literally does NOTHING! I sprayed it on my hamstrings and at first felt nothing. I tried another day and put more on, and again, nothing. Ineffective. Feels good being sprayed on, but did not work for me.  1/2 star

Arthritis Pain patch- This one was applied to the knee (don’t we all have arthritis in our knees?!) It was a comfortable patch, you don’t feel it while it’s on, and stays on easy. It was relatively thin. There was a cooling sensation that seemed to come and go during the duration of wearing the patch, but nothing spectacular.  2 stars


SO, a summary. If you are going to buy any Salonpas products, I would go for the deep relieving gel. It’s a little stinky, but hey, get some rubber gloves, rub it in, and enjoy. And while the patches are less smelly, they were also generally ineffective for me, except the Gel patch, which worked better but hardly stayed on. I would skip the Jet Spray entirely…my mother and I both tried it and both felt NOTHING! Stay pain free, my friends!!! 😀

I received these products for free. This is an unbiased review.







So a friend of mine told me about this brand called D’s Naturals. I personally never heard of them or have seen them in store, so I went to their website to check them out. I got the opportunity to try some of their No Cow bars, in 3 varieties- the Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough,  and Blueberry Cobbler.

What makes these bars special?

They are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free, no sugar added, lactose free, and non GMO according to the label. They run roughly 170 calories per bar, with 20 grams of protein and 19 grams of fiber. They are sweetened with Erythritol, not sugar.

These were appealing to me, especially as a Type 1 Diabetic. I CANNOT have added sugar…well I mean I *can* but, it doesn’t lead to pretty blood sugars. However, protein bars are usually chock full of sugar (and sugar is also HONEY, CANE JUICE, do not be fooled!). These also appealed to me since they had a good dose of fiber and protein, so I would have optimal blood sugar regulation as well as being, well, full!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Mint Chocolate Chip Bar:IMG_2221

As you can see, these bars are dense and chewy, almost like a “fruit” based bar made with fig. They are a bit sticky too!


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough– Mmmmm. Nice peanut butter flavor. It has some sort of sweet, semi caramelish feel to it. It was chewy and super soft, with little pieces of nuts in the bar. I can definitely get a peanut butter cookie dough vibe from it though! Like a batter before peanut butter cookies are made, but less sweet. However, there is definitely a consistency thing going on here. It’s hard to explain but there is this “leftover” piece-y type feel on the tongue. Like the bar has broken down and leaves a residue behind. I think it’s from the pea protein that is used to make the bar, but I could be wrong. In this case, taste outweighs texture for me. 4 out of 5 stars

Blueberry Cobbler– This one is sweet and fruity!! I enjoyed the blueberry flavor, it was a mixture of a fresh blueberry feel alongside sweet and chewy dried blueberries. You can’t taste any protein flavor, so that is a plus. I liked the flavor, but again, that texture thing is prevalent here. It’s like I can “feel” the protein, because I am positive this is from the pea protein. A good bar, however. 3 1/2 stars

Mint Chocolate Chip-  As a caveat, I am not a huge mint chocolate chip fan. I like Extra mint chocolate chip gum, and that’s about it. But I remained open minded about this bar. There are little pieces of cacao nibs in this bar which add a little crunch. It honestly tasted like a York peppermint patty, but in protein bar form. The consistency issue was NOT as bad here, still prevalent, but not as bad. The mint flavor is also pretty strong. Perhaps you can get a breath freshening while you dose up on your protein for the day (kidding). Given that I don’t generally like this flavor combination, I would still give it a 3 1/2 star rating.

Overall, not bad. I think the formula needs some tweaking. Personally, the consistency thing isn’t really an issue for me, as I go for nutrition and flavor over texture. For some it might be an issue. I think you have to pick your battles here though, the nutritional facts are pretty good AND these bars are vegan as well as dairy free, so they are limited with their protein sources. I can appreciate this company, so kudos D’s Naturals! I look forward to trying your products in the future, and maybe picking up some of those pb cookie dough bars if I see them 🙂




I received this item for free. This is an unbiased review.

I’ve been paying more attention to my overall health lately and have been reading up on the benefits of green tea. Some scientists suggest that the antioxidants naturally found in green tea may reduce the risk of digestive cancer. It’s also reported to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as it slows the rise of your blood sugar after eating. I wasn’t sure that green tea alone could do that, but I was willing to try it! Especially since I am a diabetic. The taste is definitely an acquired one, but there’s lots of different flavors to try and most supermarkets stock a wide variety, so you won’t need to go far to find them!


I know that green tea alone won’t miraculously make me super healthy, so I’ve combined it with walking 10,000 steps every day and overall, I’m feeling a lot better. I think it’s important to find what works for you and your health, and these two things were great for me. I understand that there’s all different kinds of green tea to choose from and I certainly didn’t know where to start, so I’ve put together a list of three of my favorites. They’re not too strong and two of them contain other flavors such as mint and pomegranate, so hopefully you’ll find something here that you like!


Numi Gunpowder Green. This is straight-up green tea with nothing else added, so no additives or artificial flavors and it’s also organic, and Fairtrade. One of the best things about Numi’s green tea is that it has a very delicate taste and won’t overpower your tastebuds, so it’s ideal for beginners to try.


Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea. The perfect green tea for people who like a fresh and energizing blend. Depending on the type, I’ve often found that citrus in green tea is too bitter, but this tea gets it right. I suggest you drink this one after a meal because mint is a natural stomach settler , and doesn’t contains sugar which can irritate your stomach. Boo sugar!!!


Yogi Tea Green Tea with Pomegranate. I’m a big fan of all Yogi Tea’s products but this is one of my favorites. If you’ve tried green tea before, but found it too strong, and would prefer something more fruity and herbal, try this – it’s much sweeter than standard green tea and is a great everyday choice, especially over the summer months.


The teas in this list are just some of my favorites but there’s hundreds of different types of green tea out there and if you’re like me, you’ll end up picking up a new flavor any time you’re in a supermarket. My cupboards are already full of tea but I always have space for more! I do feel that my overall health has improved and it’s really simple to swap out your usual soda for tea, so next time you’re out, pick up a box of green tea and try it for yourself!




Kiqplan is a program compatible with both Android and iPhone users. It is a fitness and nutrition application, that is FULL of fitness and food fun! Kiqplan consists of a wide variety of programs, priced at $19.99 each, that are easily accessible from your phone. It provides things such as:

-Workout plans (with how-to videos!)
-Nutritional recipes
-Fit tips
-and can also use your very own trackers to make a custom plan just for you!

The giveaway will include 2 of the following (winner will choose)

1. Bikini Hot

Bikini Hot is a full body workout plan! It has 3 phases, and lasts 12 weeks. You can sculpt your back, chest, abs, and booty with this plan.

2. Slim & Trim

Slim & Trim is a weight loss program!


3. Healthy Baby Bump (pre and post natal program)

4. Your First 5k (this one will help you with tips for how to run your very first 5k race!)

5. 10k Run Ready


1. leave me a comment below saying which 2 you would want to try!

2. for an additional entry, follow me on INSTAGRAM at lisa_liftsx 🙂

GIVEAWAY ENDS: June 8th, 12 pm.

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Gorilla Warfare Apparel Gorilla Leggings

Author: Healthnuttxo


So I snagged a pair of Gorilla Leggings from Gorilla Warfare Apparel.  I found this company on instagram, checked out some of their stuff, (you can check it out here) and a lot of it is really cool!! I especially loved the Gorilla Leggings, as they were super unique and honestly pretty freaking sweet!

The leggings run for $40. They are super soft and a different type of material than what I am used to for yoga pants/leggings. They are thin but made of good material, so they are NOT see through (yay!!)

Nothing is worse than spending money and getting a pair of see through leggings. Talk about a waste! But these were not the case, despite having white on the front.

The top is a stretchy waist band, and they are “one size fits most”.


I wish they came in different sizes, as mine were a tad on the big and long side, but I still made it work. As a reference, I am 5 foot 1 and roughly 110 lbs in this picture, and they fit, but I wish they were a bit tighter in waist and legs.

IMG_2182Also, even though I had room, the pants did not fall down or become loose as I sweat during the workout, which is a major plus.

The pants were not as breathable as much as they were stylish, so I think these are good for those cooler days to workout in as opposed to the hot, sweaty gym days. However, I really liked them! They were fun, unique, and I love the idea of having half the face on each leg. The back of the pants are a solid grey, which I like as well, since the pants aren’t too busy.

Overall, a great buy! Especially for you legging lovers like me. Check out Gorilla Warfare Apparel. They are on Instagram at @gorillawarfareapparel  and the owner of this company is on twitter!


I received this item for free. This is an unbiased review.
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