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So, as you all probably know by now, I am a Type 1 Diabetic. So I am on a slew of prescriptions that I take daily, just to help keep my body healthy, as well as some vitamins and supplements I take to help ease some side effects of Diabetes (like a probiotic!)

Personally, I take my pills morning and at night. I was offered to try the MedCenter System, retail value of $74.95, and gladly obliged! I had a crappy 5$ pill organizer I used, but this sure looked like quite the upgrade! I personally like pill organizers, especially when on very sensitive prescriptions, because it can be a HUGE deal missing a pill, or taking two by mistake! Having a system that is organized can prevent this, and many unwarranted side effects.

So, the MedCenter System is a monthly pill organizer. It uses dates rather than days of the week. It comes with a clock that tells you the time of day, and you can also set up to 4 alarms per day to remind you when you take your pills.

Here is what it looked like.


It was pretty large honestly, I would say roughly 10 inches wide by 6-7 inches for the tallest rack of pills. It has a color coated system, so the RED numbers are the pills you haven’t taken yet/are full, and the GREEN side are the pill boxes that are empty. I think this is pretty cool, since it helps you see visually when you need to reorder pills, or repurchase, and especially if you opt not to use the clock, if you already took them or not!

There are 4 sections for each individual pill box


The box itself has a pro and a con in my opinion. It is very sturdy, and roomy, which is good for those giant pills (think Fish oil, or those huge joint pills!!!). However, it can be a little hard to open. This can be good and bad- good because if it is in your pocket or purse, the pills won’t fall out and the box is shut tightly. Bad because if you have arthritis or hands are in pain for whatever reason, it may be difficult to open.

I like the compartment on the bottom that lets you rest your pill box for the day, and even has arrows pointing and aligning with each section for your pill box.

The clock has 4 main buttons. The Green button tells you the current time and date.

The blue Alarm Check button lets you confirm your alarms for the day with each click.

The yellow button puts a light on the interface of the clock.

The red Alarm Acknowledged button is what you would hit when the alarm goes off for you pill reminder.

IMG_2543Setting the time and calendar year was relatively easy. The instructions are easy to follow. The clock has the option of being Loud or VERY loud, which I like, especially if someone is hard of hearing.

Setting the alarms was a tad confusing, I messed up a few times. I wish there was an easier option of turning on and off each alarm, because I kept accidentally turning off the alarm I wanted to try to set, and that is no bueno! However, if you follow the directions carefully, it shouldn’t be a problem setting the alarm. And luckily…you can check if you set your alarm on or not with the Alarm Check button!

Overall, a great product. I know for a fact my aunt wants to steal this from me so she can organize my Grandmother’s pills…hah! The visuals are clear and easy to read, the voice is loud and easy to understand. The product itself is a tad cumbersome, but I put it in the corner of my room. And, the best part is, I can set my pills for the month and then not have to do it for another month! I would give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


I received this product for free. This is an unbiased review.
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  1. What I would have given for one of these a few years ago! I was in charge of both of my parents meds in their later years and it was a challenge. The clock would have been especially helpful with my Dad who always wanted to take his meds ahead of time.

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