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Atkins Stone Fired Cheese Pizza

Author: Healthnuttxo



Saw this baby at Super Stop n Shop I believe…HAD to buy it!  As a Diabetic, I watch my carbs very seriously, and try to keep them on the lower side. So Low carb pizza?!?! Put me down!!!

I cooked it in the microwave, the suggested method, on the silver plate it comes with. Here’s what it looked like:



KIND of comical in comparison to the box and how it depicts it to look…LOL

I ended up putting in the toaster oven as well for 2 min to crisp up the bottom crust a little more and get the cheese more melty.

How does it taste?? Honestly…it was pretty good! The crust is super thin, so you get mostly a sauce and cheese taste. The microwave created a crust that in circumference was rather tough and chewy as opposed to crunchy, so if I bought this again I might use toaster oven only on a bake setting, not the microwave.


The sauce—-> not too much of it, not super salty, pretty tasty. It might have had some parmesan cheese or something mixed in it because it had some flavors other than “tomato” which is yummy to me, it was like a 4 cheese type of sauce.

The cheese—>a little greasy, I think it was a combination of mozzarella and parmesan, but it was certainly flavorful, and NOT that yucky low fat cheese. This was real cheese!

The Crust—> honestly, it was kind of bland alone (but then again, there isn’t much “crust”, it’s all coated by cheese and sauce), but still good. Had a wheat flavor, but went well with the cheese and sauce and was a good base.

The NET CARBS?? —> So what’s the verdict? Did my blood sugar spike? Was it REALLY 11 net carbs? Honestly, SUPER happy about this part. My blood sugar went LOW after dinner! Not normally a good thing but very unexpected when eating a pizza! I only gave enough insulin for the recommended 11 net carbs, and I ended up going lower than expected. BRAVO, Atkins!


Overall, would buy again. Atkins products are pricy, and I wasn’t super full after this, but pair it with some green veggies and you have a perfect light dinner with minimal effective carbs. Great Diabetic friendly pizza. 4 stars



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Tallygear Dexcom G4 Platinum Accessories

Author: Healthnuttxo


I am a Type 1 Diabetic currently on the Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor. After dropping it like…100 times…I decided it was about time to get some accessories. I did some googling, and not a lot of places sell, but I cam across this website Tallygear! So this review is for my fellow diabetics 🙂

So… I ordered some goodies from this website Tallygear!  I got this Silicone Skin in PINK Flamingo and the Decal in SPLASH color. The total came to $22.90 pre tax and shipping.  Not bad at all. The owner at Tallygear gave me a Spandex Dexcom G4 case for free since I was going to do a review on these accessories anyway. I chose it in black.

Here is the silicone case with decal:




the decal, super cute! I love it. The Dexcom itself is black, so the decal helps it stand out. It was easy to apply, and I got one bubble, but I was able to un-peel and then re-peel the decal. It goes really well with the Pink Flamingo case color as well.

I LOVE the silicone case! It is like a squishy phone case, and it is raised so if you drop your dexcom face down (NOOO!!!) it has like a cm of height. This prevents things like screen cracks and such and damage to the buttons or screen (we all know the Dexcom ain’t cheap!).

The case is easy to put on, and you do not have to take it off to charge it. I personally like it because it sticks out. I can’t tell you how many times I would put my dexcom down at the gym (usually when I am doing cardio, I stick it in the cup holder) or down in my room and I am like shoot…where did I put it? Since it was black it blends in. This pink color with the decal creates a visual and since I’ve had it on I haven’t lost it once 😀

The black spandex case is also quite nice.


I had to take the silicone case off as you can see. You have to glide the dexcom in through the back, which I love because there is just about 0 chance of it falling out. It comes with a belt loop on the back as well made of spandex so you can easily attach it to your pants if wearing a belt.

There is also a metal hook that is pretty sturdy, so you can attach your dexcom to a belt loop, or I did it to my purse. If all else fails…it comes with a long strap. You can wear it around your neck under clothing (or above) or wherever you please. You can use the buttons through the plastic covering of the case, which prevents scratches, and it is snug fitting.


Overall, very pleased with all 3 of these. The Dexcom comes with a case when you order it, but I did not like it. It was rather bulky and not “cute”. These accessories help make the disease a little more fun…bright colors and cute decals. They come in plenty of colors (red, orange…etc.) and have many decals on their site. If I could provide feedback about the website it is a *tad* confusing, but scroll down to the bottom and it will have suggestions for you. Please check out Tallygear, they have some great stuff! They also come with Medical labels, which I placed on the back of my Dexcom. You can see it in the picture above.


I received some of these items for free. This is an unbiased review.


Alrighty! So I got Doctor’s Best EstroG-100 Menopausal Support Supplement to try courtesy of the company, but…I am NOT going through menopause (that would be kind of evil in my 20s, right?…actually it’s rather evil in general!). So, I passed this supplement along to a person who is going through menopause and is a very trust source. She experiences hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, and night sweats. As a disclaimer, she was already taking Black Cohosh supplement and did not want to discontinue it. So these supplements were taken at the time time.

The bottle contains 30 pills, and you take one per day. They are NON-GMO and Gluten free.


According to the bottle, they provide “Relief from hot flashes, helps [to] manage mood & energy swings, [and] helps [to] alleviate night sweats and promotes restful sleep”.

She has been on the supplement for almost a month. She claims the pills are easy to swallow, despite their semi large appearance, and do not repeat on her or cause any GI distress.

Has she still had hot flashes? Yes, but she said they have decreased in intensity. Not frequency, but the intensity has decreased. This is a good thing!

Has she still had irritability? Yes, she reports still being irritable and having mood swings.

Has she had night sweats? Yes, but she said they have also decreased in intensity.

Has she had relieved sleep? No, she reports no change in sleeping patterns (but she has always been an anxious sleeper, and this can’t really be blamed on menopause alone).

Overall, I asked how many stars would she rate the product out of 5, and she said 3. It did help, but not to an extent she had hoped for.

So, if you are going through menopause, perhaps this supplement is worth a try! Menopause is never a fun thing, so if you know someone going through it, maybe offer an extra hug or an extra cookie will help alongside a supplement too 🙂

3 stars

Here is the ingredients:


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“That Sugar Film” Documentary Review

Author: Healthnuttxo
sugar                                              Picture courtesy of That Sugar Film


This film is showing starting on July 31 on demand and in select theaters from Samuel Goldwyn Films.  I got a chance to watch the film ahead of time before the release. Below is a brief synopsis of the film as well as my thoughts.

The film was very eye opening with the amount of sugar we eat on a daily basis (and it’s pretty gross how much!) Hugh Jackman makes an appearance (never a bad thing in my opinion!) and the film has some light hearted humor as well.

The film follows the main character, Damon, who basically used to eat a lot of “sugar and pizza” as well as cigarettes, but then fell in love with his girlfriend who was into healthy eating. He then changed his diet to all healthy eating and cut out refined sugar. He has a baby on the way with this woman, and he wants to know if sugar is really as bad as it seems. So, he does an experiment but RE adding sugar back into his diet, with 40 tsp of sugar per day to match the “Australian averages”, WITHOUT eating things that are known as “sugary”, such as candy. For example, he’s eating sugar with hidden sugar, such as “healthy” low fat yogurt which is actually loaded with sugar.

He has to keep all other factors the same, such as the amount he exercises.

Within 12 days, the main character already gained weight, and all around his stomach specifically. He does some pretty comical things to eat the required sugar intake, which was rather hilarious at his reactions. He displays not only physical, but physiological and psychological changes and adverse effects as well.

After his 60 day run, he had some pretty bad results with his liver, blood work, mentality, as well as weight changes. Damon notes he was eating the same amount of calories beforehand as he was with his high sugar diet, however, still gained weight. I think this is alarming, but also have to take into account water weight here. Carbo-HYDRATE, so water weight gain comes with sugar and carbs that are ingested. His diet was relatively higher in fat as opposed to carbs beforehand, so that is something important to note. However, you can see a rather large change in his physical appearance, which is alarming as well.

Overall, a very interesting documentary, and worth a watch. It was not boring at all, and the information was presented in a fun manner. Read your labels, peeps!!! Those food companies WILL trick you to thinking their product is healthy so you will buy it. Buyer, beware!


I was able to watch this for free. This is an unbiased review.
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Go Macro Macrobar Mini review & Giveaway!

Author: Healthnuttxo

IMG_2642 IMG_2641


The nice peeps over at Go Macro sent me a variety box filled of their Macrobar mini bars! They are also kind enough to offer a free box to one of you lucky readers 🙂

These bars are organic, soy free, vegan, and kosher. Each bar that I tried was also macrobiotic and gluten free as well. Each of the mini bars is roughly 100-130 calories, and some of them have a nice bit of protein (4 grams or so), making them the perfect little snack, or pre workout boost.

So…let’s get started! Each bar is roughly the length of a pack of Trident gum and a little wider.



Sesame and Dates

I kind of like it…it has that strong aftertaste that sesame provides, but the dates mellow it out. I feel like it might have went better with raisins, but dates are good. The bar is coated with little sesame seeds, is chewy, and not too sweet other than the bites with date, which are scattered throughout. It’s not bad, I can dig it. 3 stars


Banana almond butter

Chewy, can taste banana flavor. It is kind of bland tho…needs a little sweetness. I can taste some type of spice…cinnamon or nutmeg. I do like the flavor combo, it reminds me of a banana walnut ish muffin type of flavor. However, I wish it was a tad sweeter, but not bad! 3 stars

Pb chocolate chip

I like this one. Again, a muted sweetness. Tastes like a granola bar but not as sweet as commercial brands. You can taste the brown rice syrup used to sweeten the bar, which also gives it a chewy texture. The peanut butter flavor is yummy, but not overpowering, and mild. The chocolate chips are scarce, but on the larger side, and are mild in sweetness but add a nice touch. There are also tiny peanuts in the bar for a little baby crunch. I like this bar. 4 stars


Here’s nutritional information for one of the bars- they are “roughly” the same for the other bars, but not exact.




You can win a case of Macrobar minis!! Open to US AND Canada only (yay!!!!).

1. Leave me a comment below stating your favorite bar!
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PLEASE leave me a comment for EACH thing you do, as each is 1 entry! More entries= more chances to win

Giveaway CLOSES on July 17th, 12 pm.



Howdy 🙂

The nice folks over at Honest Tea sent me a case of their new Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea to try! I am not a huge tea drinker, but if I do drink it, it’s always iced. So I was excited to try this, as I thought it would be a new experience.

The Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea is unsweetened, caffeine free,  and 0 calories per serving. It is also certified Organic, and Fair Trade Certified as well.  The ingredients are pretty short…just tea, rooibos tea leaves, cinnamon, and ginger root, amongst some natural flavors.

When you open the bottle, you can smell the cinnamon. It doesn’t give off a “red hot” cinnamon aroma, but more of an “apple pie” cinnamon smell. In fact…this literally kind of smells like apple pie in a bottle 🙂

The tea itself is actually quite yummy. It has a light cinnamon flavor, and light natural sweetness to it.  It leaves the flavor of cinnamon lingering in your mouth, but isn’t overpowering.

I tried it over ice and added a splenda to it, since the ice tends to water down the flavor. Honestly…amazing. Almost like apple pie in a bottle with cinnamon flavor. I would 100% buy this if I saw in stores.  4 1/2 stars



You can win a case of the Honest Tea Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea! Open to US only.

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PLEASE leave me a comment for EACH thing you do, as each is 1 entry! More entries= more chances to win 🙂

Giveaway CLOSES on July 13th, 12 pm.


I received this product for free. This is an unbiased review.
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Chobani Watermelon Blended Yogurt

Author: Healthnuttxo

Whilst shopping for my usual yogurts for the week I spotted something new on the shelves…Chobani Watermelon blended yogurt!  The pink and green packaging certainly caught my eye amongst the white containers, so I picked it up, and decided to give it a try.



Seriously though…look how pretty the packaging is.


Here’s what it looked like!

The yogurt itself was really, really good. It was super smooth and creamy, and I love Chobani’s 2% yogurts for that reason alone. That 3g of fat makes all the difference between a yogurt and DANG that was a good yogurt! It was sweet, but not too sweet, with a sight tang and tartness. I liked this since it was reminiscent of real watermelon- sometimes you get a watermelon that is sugar sweet, sometimes you get one that’s more on the tangy side. Either way it’s enjoyable!

I do think there was more of a raspberry/watermelon type flavor than straight up watermelon, which I liked. I could tell it was watermelon flavored, but it didn’t SCREAM watermelon…it had a light flavor. I wasn’t sure how a watermelon yogurt would taste, but this one did not disappoint in the slightest. I also like how this yogurt is slightly lower in carbs in comparison to other Chobanis…15 g is perfect for me for a pre workout snack.

I would buy again. Unfortunately, this baby is seasonal. Grab it while you can! 4 1/2 stars



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