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Hi Guys!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I know I ate too much. But certainly enjoyed all the food, and hope everyone else did too AND enjoyed their family time.

In the spirit of Black Friday, I will be hosting a giveaway today based on this review.
Go Macro sent me a box of bars, the “Thrive” line. These bars are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, kosher, vegan, and low glycemic.  They come in a variety of flavors, which we will go over below.

The bars more or less had the same texture- dense and chewy. They were hearty and most had a sesame seed and date flavor.

Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt--> this one was pretty darn good. The chocolate amount was decent– I feel like sometimes when companies add chocolate chips you get like 3 chips for the whole bar and they have the NERVE to call it a chocolate flavored bar… haha, not the case here. The dark chocolate chips are prevalent. The cashew flavor goes well with the chocolate. The sea salt? lacking. Needs more of that, however, still good.   —-4 stars

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip--> this one was a bit more dense than the others, but very good. A peanut butter base, with peanut butter chips and a hint of chocolate. Picture a peanut butter cup but in a “granola” bar form. So did I like it? Yeah I liked it. Do you like peanut butter cups? Yea? Okay, you’ll like this one.  — 4 1/2 stars

Almond Apricot–> this one is pretty good. Seems “nuttier” than the others in flavor, a tad bit more crunchier. The apricot gives a nice sweetness that is scattered throughout the bar, and the almond adds that crispy crunch you sometimes crave in a “chewier” bar. —-4 star

Blueberry Lavender–> lavender… personally I am not a fan of ingesting lavender. Makes me feel like I am eating soap. But I digress…. anyway, this bar was okay. Lightly sweet, slightly bitter aftertaste. The blueberry flavor was prominent, and lavender had a hint. I think the flavor overall was a bit flat and almost needed a pinch of salt.    — 3 star

Ginger Lemon–>The ginger in this bar was mild, but prevalent, and went really well with the lemon flavor. I happen to be a fan of ginger, and the “burn/spice” you get from ginger was not present, which is good for those who don’t enjoy ginger, however I felt myself missing that.  However, it was a great combo and almost reminded me of a cookie. But again, I felt it was a bit flat/missing something.  —- 3 1/2 star

Caramel Coconut--> my personal favorite, wish I could order a box of just these. It was super, super yummy! Lightly sweetened with coconut and a mild caramel flavor, but went oh so well together. Reminded me of these coconut condensed milk brownies my mom makes for the holidays. The coconut flavor shines through and overall, a delicious bar.  — 4 1/2 stars

You can try these bars 30% off with the promo code THRIVE30  here!


You will win 1 box of assorted Thrive bars! 🙂

TO enter….
1) you must like Go Macro on one of their social media outlets. Please leave a comment below telling me which outlet you used (IG, Twitter, FB, etc.)

2) If you do not have any social media, you may leave a comment below saying which bar you would like to try the most.

3) for an additional entry, follow my fitness/blog IG at lisa_liftsx. Leave a comment saying you did so!

U.S. only. Giveaway closes 1 week from today, December 2nd, 12 pm.




disclaimer: I received these bars for free. This is an unbiased review.

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Olba’s Herbal Tea, Lozenges & Pastilles

Author: Healthnuttxo



With the cold weather coming (um… eventually… it’s 60 here mid November, but I’ll take it!), having some delicious tea to warm you up or lozenges to soothe the inevitable cold thats “always going around” are ideal to have.

Olba’s sent me some of their instant Herbal Tea, lozenges, and Pastilles to try.

Let’s get started!

The Tea is gluten free and made from 20 herbs. It is is instant…I never had instant tea before. I always used bag tea. Hmm. How do I work this?

Simple! You take a teaspoon (or more, dependent upon your preference) and place it in a mug, and add hot water. The “pellets” instantly dissolve and voila! Tea! No annoying waiting! No annoying tea bags! No annoying burning of the tongue! Just kidding. I still did that. The tea however, was delicious. I am not a *huge* tea person per se, I like my caffeine in coffee form (a little too much may I add) but this one is a keeper. It was slightly sweet and had almost a honey taste to it, and almost a chamomile hint to it as well. Me like. Me like a lot. Like I said, I normally am not a tea drinker, if I do, it’s a honey lemon and it has like 6 packets of sugar added to it (kind of takes away the “health” of tea, doesn’t it?)

This tea as 3 carbs/sugars per teaspoon. I used about a tablespoon (go big or go home!!) for 8-10 ounces of hot water and found that to be my ideal “cup of tea” (hah… Ok I’m tired, I try to be funny when I am tired).

I do wish the bottle listed how much caffeine was in the tea, however!

Tea gets 4 stars

Moving on!

Olba’s Pastilles were green and looked as if they were sugar coated. They had a medicinal taste and well…tasted a bit like a generic cough drop. My brother tried one and said “they taste like they work” (LOL) which was a good thing for him, as he was currently battling a cold.

The Black Currant lozenges were honestly pretty good. Clear (which is cool— no artificial colors!)

Let’s put it this way. Have you had a menthol lozenge? Hall’s perhaps? I tend to not buy those (LOL) because I can’t stand menthol, BUT…these were actually good. The menthol wasn’t overpowering. The black currant flavor was very mild, but persistent throughout. These are an ideal cough drop for me. The lozenges contain 10 mg of menthol, so they are both a cough suppressant and oral anesthetic.

The lozenges are warming and soothing, but not overpowering, which is KEY for me.
I hate when cough drops make me feel like I have freaking ice down my throat. Overly mentholated–> no bueno in my book. Olba’s lozenges–> bueno!

Overall, I give these 4  stars for both efficacy and flavor.


DISCLAIMER: I received these products from Olba’s for free of charge. This is an unbiased review.


All right so I have some new stuff to try from Zims! I recently reviewed another pain relief product of Zims, which was pretty good but overall nothing special.

First I tried the Max Freeze Patches which have both lidocaine and menthol. I was sent a tube of six patches in medium size which are 3 x 5″ each. They are individually wrapped and also come in extra large large and medium.

First, I put it on my neck. It is easy to unwrap and apply. I had a bit of a stiff neck, and it seemed to help. It was mostly cooling, but really make my neck feel less stiff. The patch stays on, and the odor is low, and it doesn’t linger or smell. The patch does not fall off easily which was a plus, and left no irritation.

The patch was also used on lower back and my knee and was effective on both of those as well. It doesn’t really have a heat sensation mostly just cold or cooling but no burning or irritate. it did a good job of loosening up and/or relieving some pain in the areas. It wasn’t AS STRONG as other patches I have tried but I actually prefer these, because I did not get any irritation. 

4/5 stars 

Next, we have the Zims Max Crack Creme.  The main ingredients in this is aloe and arnica extract. I constantly have dry hands because I wash them all the time due to taking public transportation or because of the nature of my profession. Also with winter approaching my hands get extra dry and take an extra beating. This cream was lightweight, non-greasy, and smelled pretty good. It had almost a floral scent but very very mild and smelled “natural”. It smoothed out my dry hands and made them soft and supple with no irritation. 4/5 stars 

Overall, these products worked great for me! Definitely worth a try 🙂

These products were given to me for free from the company. This is an unbiased review.
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