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WELL I know you guys missed me. And if you didn’t, I am still back. I figured with the extra downtime we currently have during this quarantine, a great time to bust out some reviews.

First up: Evol. Vitalize Be Energized: Grilled Chicken with Grains and Vegetables in a Tangy Tahini & Feta Sauce. That’s a mouthful, honestly. This bowl in particular has 19 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and 1/2 cup of veggies. Evol Foods has no artificial ingredients too which is a plus, especially with frozen meals.

Anyway, I saw these on sale at Target a few weeks ago – I believe 2 for 6$, so I picked up two.

Heated It up as directed.


A giant bowl of chewy, garlic-feta flavor. But it’s weird – because it’s bland? Like It needs salt- has this weird tang flavor, kind of like a bad hummus you would get with falafel. The chicken isn’t terrible – a bit dry though. There is also a predominant red pepper flavor, not the spice the actual flavor of the vegetable.

Overall? Super bland, super blah. 1/5 stars. I threw It out and made myself a new dinner. Sorry, Evol, it’s a no from me. The additional 22 grams of fat for this bowl and not great flavor makes It especially a no from me.

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