Amy’s Kitchen Thai Coconut Soup

It’s a sad day for me in Amy’s Kitchen world.

First off, you guys should (hopefully!!) know by now how much of a fan I am of Amy’s meals. I love a lot of the entrees, and never had a problem with any of them in the past. In fact, I continue to eat Amy’s Kitchen meals (despite the hefty 5-6$ price each!) on a daily basis.

So, to try something new, I picked up the Amy’s Kitchen Thai Coconut Soup. If it was anything like the Thai Stir Fry Meal (one of my FAVORITES!) I was sure I was going to like it. So I opened the can and poured it into a pot. I was really taken aback. Why was this so thin? I thought. From the front of the can, I was sure it was going to be thick and creamy. Instead, it was almost like a thin broth, with a few vegetables scattered. Here’s what it looked like after it was done cooking.

Wait…RED-ORANGE? Why wasn’t it white like the can?

Whatever, I thought, pictures on the front never really look like how the product actually looks like anyway.

So I took a spoonful, excited to try. I was hoping for a creamy and rich tasting soup with coconut flavor. However….it really wasn’t like that at all. Like I said, there were very few veggies. In fact, here’s the size of the pot I used

And here’s the amount of veggies in the soup after I poured out the broth.


So not much veggie action going on there. Or, veggie and tofu action. But, even with the vegetables that were there, I was diasppointed. The carrots were very mushy, green beans kind of the same, the tofu was alright but bland, and the random leaves- I think they were bay leafs?, I threw (ahem, recycled) the can before I wrote this up so I forgot to check the ingredients. Regardless, I wasn’t a fan of the veggies : (

I wasn’t really a fan of the flavor of this soup either. Like I said it was very thin, with almost a tomatoey flavor. There also was an awkward spice to it, that reminded me of cayenne pepper. I didn’t get to finish this soup, so I heated up a delicious meal I knew I would love – Amy’s Enchiladas in the microwave. Good thing for back up! =)

Overall, 1 1/2 stars. I really didn’t enjoy this, but if you tried this, I’d LOVE to know your thoughts!

Question- what’s your favorite thing involving coconut? Mine is definitely Amy’s Kitchen Thai Stir Fry, which I’m pretty sure is made with coconut milk!! =)

Amy’s Kitchen Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns & Veggies

Yea, Yea I know what your thinking. Tofu? Ew.

Well, here’s me pleading you to reconsider. Or you can be anti-tofu if you want. That is until you try THIS dish. This dish completely transforms tofu from the “flavorless sponge” (as my friends refer to it at least), to delicious.

Doesn’t this look scrumptious?

Ok, minus the soggy tomato.

Let’s break it down into compartments. I’ll start with the soggy tomato. Honestly, the only part of this dish I didn’t like. But is it really fair I didn’t like that aspect of the meal? I’m really not a fan of tomatoes. Ketchup? Yes. Tomato sauce? Yes. But actual tomatoes. Nooooo. I guess the fact that it was soggy didn’t really help. But no problem, I just replaced that part of the dish with a heaping side of broccoli =)

Now, onto the hash browns. YUMMY. Great potato flavor, almost like a toasted or cooked potato flavor, and some aspects had a very slightly burnt flavor. The consistency was soft, but not mushy, and although not overpowering in flavor, I really enjoyed it.

Now, onto the winner. THE TOFU. It was legitimately delicious. A peppery, garlicy and oniony flavor, it was very rich and had an “eggy” flavor as well. There was also bits of carrots and spinach that added a bit of flavor. One thing to point out that it was greasy, which really contributed to the rich feel. HOWEVER, it really was so good. And there was a generous portion of the tofu scramble and the hash browns, which I really enjoyed.

Here’s the nutritional facts. LOVE how much protein there is, and so few carbs, but it
certainly is high in fat!

Overall, 4 1/2 stars. REALLY good, and certainly worth a try! This meal is also gluten free, dairy free AND vegan! =)

What about you? Fan of Tofu or no? If so, how do you eat/prepare it?

Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza

Sometimes, all I want ( make that NEED) is a good piece of pizza. Since I happen to be a fan of Amy’s Kitchen, why not try one of the pizzas?

I preheated my oven to 425 F and let it cook for about 10-12 minutes on a pan. I also put it on broil for about a minute before taking it out to give a final melt to the cheese. Here’s how it looked

Next, I cut it up into 4 slices, and ate it with some steamed veggies. It wasn’t too greasy looking, so that was a plus for me. The first thing I liked was the crust- nice and doughy, yet a slight crisp on the bottom. The pizza kind of reminded me a Sicilian-style pizza. Doughy, with fresh tasting marinara-like tomato sauce, and a good amount of mozzaralla cheese. The cheese itself was chewy, in a good way, and slightly salty. I really couldn’t believe this was frozen, it tasted just like it would from a pizzeria!

Overall, this is pretty much everything I could want in a cheese pizza (besides the fact it didn’t have a 100% whole wheat crust, but this is too delicious to pass up!). Great flavor, freshness, a good portion size, and made with organic ingredients! 5 stars for sure, and I’m definitely buying it again!

1 pizza (176g) is 420 calories, 17 grams of fat (6 saturated), 49 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, and 18 grams of protein.

What’s your favorite type of pizza to get at a pizzeria? I happen to like good ol’ cheese, but I also like Grandma Style pizza!

Amy’s Kitchen Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

This is the BEST frozen lasagna I had ever had- and the most unique. I cooked this in the microwave, and let it sit for 2-3 minutes as directed (certainly difficult to do since I was hungry and it smelled GOOD!!). Here’s how it looked out of the microwave

Cheeeeesy goodness.

To start off, unlike any lasagna I ever had, it had breadcrumbs on the top, kind of like baked macaroni & cheese. It also had a creamy, cheesy sauce on top, followed by lasanga noodles, veggies, and then marinara sauce on the bottom.

First bite, I fell in love. The gooey and cheesy sauce on top had a cheddar flavor, which went so good with the breadcrumbs on top and the noodles. I do wish the breadcrumbs were a bit crunchy, so perhaps I’ll put this on broil in the oven for a few minutes before I eat it in the future.

The noodles were chewy and soft, and I saw broccoli, zucchini and the occasional small mushrooms for the vegetables. The veggies were soft, but still had a bite to them, so they weren’t mushy. There was also a bit of a black pepper flavor.

The sauce on the bottom tasted fresh, and reminded me of a more traditional lasagna of tomato sauce and cheese with noodles.  I noticed throughout the lasanga everything wasn’t dry at all, even a tad bit liquidy.

Overall, really, really good. Unique, and delicious, and quite filling too! I had it with some steamed broccoli (you know me!) and thought it was a perfect dinner. This one gets  4 1/2 stars : )

1 lasagna is 350 calories, 11 grams of fat, 47 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 9 grams of sugar and 16 grams of protein.

What’s your favorite thing to use bread crumbs with?

Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Loaf Whole Meal

Alrighty. Here goes the Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Loaf Whole Meal review. Ok, so the name isn’t exactly super exciting, but then again I don’t really find the word “loaf” all that exciting either. Anyway, I’m assuming Amy’s Kitchen is taking a veggie stand on meat loaf.

Sooooo in this meal is a veggie loaf with some sort of gravy, peas and corn, and mashed potatoes. After I cooked it, here’s what it looked like.

much prettier on the box, indeed.

I started with the peas and the corn. I took a spoonful and almost instantly noticed a texture problem. These were, well, mushy. I was expected them to be crisp, even slightly firm. The taste was really good, but they had a uniform texture- I couldn’t distinguish a kernel of corn from a pea as I chewed it. However, everything was pretty flavorful and the peas were pretty sweet.

Next up, the mashed potatoes. I was a bit let down at the portion of the potatoes, as it wasn’t very large. I took a scoop and they were fluffy, slightly pasty, and slightly salty. The taste reminded me of those thick wedged potato fries. Pretty good.

Lastly, the loaf. On top was a sweet tomato-flavored sauce/gravy. It wasn’t super sweet, but it wasn’t really salty either. The loaf itself was dense, chewy and had a lot of vegetables in it. I easily detected a black pepper flavor, and some garlic as well. It was a tad bit dry, but not too bad. It’s kind of hard to explain- it was almost like oatmeal and veggies in a loaf shape. Here’s a picture of what a piece looked like.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this meal. It was a light meal, not super filling but substantial, and really quite tasty. It’s a little low on protein, only 9 grams, so I think having a glass of milk or something along the side would be a good option. I also think it’s safe to say I filled my vegetable quota for the day  ; )   4 stars.

1 meal is 290 calories, 8 grams of fat, 47 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of fiber, 6 grams of sugar and 9 grams of protein.

What’s your preference- Vegetable Loaf or Meat Loaf?

Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Steak & Gravy Whole Meal

I know when I bought this meal I had a friend turn up her nose when she heard the words “veggie steak”, but please don’t let it dissuade you from trying this meal out! I thought it was actually incredibly delicious 🙂

First I cooked the meal, 4 1/2 minutes on HIGH and then 2 minutes on 50% power. I also added a tablespoon of water after the 4 1/2 minutes to the green beans because they looked like they needed it.

We’ll start with the green beans. They actually were surprising to me, usually when I eat green beans they have that bite, or that not-quite-done-yet consistency. These, however, were tender and actually very good. Fresh and soft, but still good.

Next up, the mashed potatoes. There was a good amount, and they almost looked perfect sitting there. Smooth on top, white, the perfect size. They were fluffy, and slightly salty with a yummy potato taste, but at the same time they were a bit bland. I guess I was missing that dab of butter that is normally on top of my homemade mashed potatoes  : )

Lastly, the veggie steak and the gravy. First off, the gravy was absolutely delicious. Thick, salty (in a good way), rich and buttery tasting. The perfect gravy! It covered most of the veggie steak, which is kind of hard to explain other than it was delicious. It was very textured, yet soft at the same time. It had vegetables and other things scattered throughout, with an occasional bump that I’m assuming were tiny pieces of walnuts. It was really good. I liked dipping it in the mashed potatoes!

Overall, delicious! I felt the mashed potatoes needed a little extra something, but still a good meal.I also thought it was a bit high in saturated fat, but not too bad (7 grams). 4 1/2 stars.

1 meal is 380 calories, 16 grams of fat, 50 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein.

What’s your favorite veggie-style product?

Amy’s Kitchen Macaroni & Cheese

Ok. I’ve heard excellent things about this dish, and I finally tried it. Seeing as the avid Amy’s Kitchen fan I am, I asked myself why have I NOT tried this yet? I’ll reiterate that I’m not a HUGE fan of pasta, but it’s yummy every now and then. So I steamed up some broccoli (my usual veggie of choice), and made this in the microwave.

After stirring up the dish, I was taken aback on how thick and creamy it was. Like almost as if a giant block of cheese was placed on a bed of noodles and left there to melt. Globby, thick, creamy, cheeeeese.

I tasted a spoonful, and thought ohh yeaaa. This is some SERIOUS mac and cheese. It had a mild cheddar taste, and no overpowering flavor, but just really good. It did need a sprinkle of salt, I felt it just needed a little bit more, but it was good none-the-less.

As I ate my meal, the mac & cheese thickened up, and it was almost like a thick, cheese paste on the chewy yet tender noodles. Tasted just like baked macaroni and cheese that was simmering in the oven for quite some time, yet was available much more quickly due to the microwave.

Overall, 4 1/2 stars. Deeeeeeeeelish. My only complaint was that it was high in saturated fat (10 grams!!), and low in fiber (only 3 grams). Otherwise, give me this dish and some steamed broccoli and I’m good to go!

1 container is 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, 47 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of sugar and 16 grams of protein.

Amy’s Kitchen Indian Mattar Paneer

Amy’s Kitchen has yet to let me down when I have tried their meals in the past, and they certainly didn’t let me down with the Indian Mattar Paneer. Although I have had comments from people about the spicy smell that floods the kitchen (sorry!!), this meal is too good to pass up.

The box says it’s “curried peas & cheese with rice & chana masala” and also “made with organic rice, tomatoes & peas”. And on another note, this meal is ALSO gluten free!

So after cooking this meal, there was basically 3 sections. One with peas with indian cheese, one with chana masala, and one with rice. Starting with the peas and cheese, at first I didn’t see any cheese. It was buried underneath the peas, but after a quick stir, rather large pieces of cheese emerged. I thought it was tofu actually, until I tasted it. I don’t even know what Indian Cheese is…BUT IT’S SO GOOD! And I don’t even LIKE cheese! It was creamy, slightly chewy, almost like a thick cream cheese. The cheese was resting on the peas, firm but well cooked, and rather spicy actually. Great flavor.

Moving on to the chana masala, another thing I’m not entirely sure what it is, but the back of the box said it was “organic garbanzo beans and sweet organic tomatoes”. The beans were soft, and the tomatoes were more of a sauce than actual chunks of tomatoes.

Lastly, the rice. I don’t know how Amy’s does it, but the basmati rice is sooooo. gooood. Super fluffy, with baby bits of carrots, and tiny pieces of cumin. Even though it’s not overpoweringly flavorful by itself, it’s still really good! My second favorite part of the meal (who me? A carb queen? Like rice? Pshh…), aside from the cheese.

Overall, a great meal. Great spiced flavor (and I can’t tolerate spicy things well- so this one was just perfectly spiced in my opinion!) I just had a side of steamed broccoli to up the veggie intake, and I was perfectly satisfied with eating this. 5 stars.

What’s your favorite Amy’s dish?

1 meal is 370 calories, 11 grams of fat, 54 carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber, 8 grams of sugar, 13 grams of protein.

Amy’s Kitchen Sheperd’s Pie


Amy’s Kitchen has made a Sheperd’s Pie that is meatless, gluten AND dairy free. Amy’s says this Sheperd’s Pie has “organic vegetables in a nourishing broth blanketed with smooth mashed potatoes”. This meal also has only 4 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and is completely and 100% natural.

So I followed the microwave instructions and popped this pie in, let it sit for 2 minutes as directed, and popped it on out. I decided to have it with some Trader Joe’s soy nuggets & applesauce, because I had a feeling a little vegetable pie would not be enough to satisfy my raging hunger after an afternoon run.

After 5ish minutes or so, a little bit of the filling oozed out into the packaging, but nothing I couldn’t handle lick off the wrapper. I decided to try just the top first-the mashed potatoes. They were super fluffy with a real homemade taste. The potatoes were nice and creamy, and almost had a whipped-like consistency. There were garlic and onion flavors that also complimented the potatoes nicely. Onto the filling-assorted vegetables consisteing of bits of mushrooms, carrots, celery, garbanzo beans and tomatoes.  It sort of reminded me of vegetable soup- the taste, not the consistency. It had a tomatoey-based taste, mixed with some spices, which included a dash of black pepper. This pie was packed with these veggies, that were all tender and nicely cooked, The carrots were not as tender, and had a bit more of a bite to them. In my opinion, I liked that the carrots were slightly less soft than the rest of the veggies- mushy carrots are for baby food jars! 😛 The filling also had a slightly salty and garlicy flavor, but overall was very tasty.

Overall, I give this pie 4 stars. Amy’s rarely lets me down- I have yet to encounter a meal I haven’t liked. This pie has a very good flavor- a comfort food for sure. It’s not enough by itself for a meal, but if you pump it up with some protein and veggies (or applesauce!!), you can turn it into a light, healthy and delicious.  However, my favorite part was the crispy edges that formed on the potatoes after being cooked in the microwave. Yum!! 🙂

What’s YOUR favorite Amy’s Product? Let me know!!

1 pie is 160 calories, 4 grams of fat, 27 carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein.

Amy’s Kitchen Mexican Tamale Pie


Do you like pot pies? ANNNND do you like Mexican food? Well…

Amy’s Kitchen has the perfect combination of mexican flavor and the comfort that a homemade pot pie can bring with their Mexican Tamale Pie. What is a Mexican Tamale Pie? you ask. Well, according to Amy’s Kitchen it is “Organic beans and vegetables in a lightly spiced Mexican sauce with a golden polenta topping.” It’s also gluten and dairy free, and only 3 grams of fat.

So, I was certainly interested in this little pie as I was strolling the grocery aisles. I decided to give it a shot- I love Amy’s, I love pot pies, and I love her mexican line- how could I go wrong?

This pie was so cute! It was bursting with corn, zucchini and little tomatoes, as well as some pinto beans. The pinto beans were nice and tender too, not mushy at all. The sauce that the veggies were had just a hint of spice, but had mostly a tomato & garlic/onion flavor. It was delicious! My favorite part, of course, was the polenta on top. It’s not as thick as depicted on the box, but it was soft and smooth, with a mild corn flavor. I added just a grind of sea salt on top of the polenta and it was AMAZING how much the flavor came out (I know, I shouldn’t add salt to frozen meals..but it was just a little! 😀 ). I especially loved the crispy edges from the microwave.

Overall this pie gets a 4 1/2. It has a lot of flavor, is low in fat, gluten and dairy free, and is of course all natural & organic. It’s also a GREAT way to get in some veggies! Try this pie if you’re feeling something flavorful, but also need something comforting! 🙂

1 pie is 150 calories, 3 grams of fat, 27 carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein.


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