HappyBaby and YoBaby review plus GIVEAWAY!

Today is a combined review( and GIVEAWAY!) of HappyBaby and YoBaby products. I was sent coupons to try free products from both companies.

HappyBaby- I chose the HappyBites Mac + Cheese Bites. When I purchased them from the store, they came in a pack of three Mac + Cheese Bites. However, the company recently updated the product to have 9 bites per box. I actually quite enjoyed them. They reminded me of homemade baked macaroni & cheese. A really good and “gooey” cheesey flavor, with little lumps or pieces of what I imagine was both butternut squash and noodles. I do wish it was a bit saltier tasting, as it tasted a bit bland. I simply put a grind of sea salt on top and voila! Instantly better. Tasty, too! 4 stars

Happy Baby-  I also tried their frozen fruit of Smarter Squash + Wiser Apple. While I haven’t tried the Smarter Squash yet, the Wiser Apple was quite tasty. I am a really big applesauce fan, so I thought I would like these. They came in little compartments, so I defrosted and had 3 of them for a serving. The texture was sort of slushy, but also smooth. It was really sweet, which I absolutely loved, and barely any tartness whatsoever. It sort of reminded me of a “candy” applesauce- but the ingredients were JUST organic apples. Nice!! 4 1/2 stars
I also found out from Helen Bernstein who provided me the coupons something about the frozen HappyBaby. “Since these are for baby, there is never any salt, sugar, coloring or preservatives added.  Babies certainly do not need it and additives only train their tastes to eat processed food high in sodium and sugar. ”

YoBaby I picked up a pack of the apple and blueberry flavored multipack. They were small sized 4 oz yogurts.

That makes me feel good eating such a pure and great product! : )

The Apple flavor was very mild. It sort of tasted like a plain vanilla, with a slight bit of tartness and slight cinnamon flavor. I also thought I detected a bit fo lemon flavor. I did like that it was thick, but sort of wish it was sweeter. 2 1/2 stars

I liked the Blueberry flavor much more. Again, same awesome thickness, with a nice tang. Good blueberry flavor, and it also tasted like I was actually eating cream! Very rich and delicious. I do wish it was a bit sweeter, but overall, enjoyable. Too bad it was a smaller size than what I’m used to! 4 stars

Now, onto the giveaway!

There will be TWO winners, one for HAPPYBABY prize, one for YOBABY prize. each below. I was e-mailed the prizes that will be given from Ms. Bernstein, who said
1 FAQ on DHA & Probiotics
1 Infant & Toddler Nutrition Guide, co-authored by Dr. Sears

2 free trials for YoBaby 6-packs or YoBaby Drinkables 4-packs
1 Eric Carle Growth Chart”

You can enter by (please leave a comment for EACH)
1. Do you eat baby food products? If so, which ones are you’re favorite/which one’s do you buy? (if not, you’re entry can simply be “no”)


2. Add me to your blogroll/reader
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4. for TWO entries, blog about this giveaway! (please leave a comment with the link).

Contest Ends FRIDAY, August 20th, 2010 12 PM. Open to US residents only.

Happy Baby Organic Apple and Banana Puffs

Yes- I’m reviewing a baby food….again. 😀 HappyBaby sent me some coupons to try their organic puffs for free, so I decided “why not?”

I got these puffs in both apple and banana flavor, which come in long, plastic tubes with a flip open cap. According to the package the puffs come in, they are made with whole grains, are BPA free, organic, and provide some calcium, vitamin B and D, and iron. These puffs are essentially little pieces of cereal that are easy for the baby to eat. They are also soy, corn and dairy free.

As for me, I decided they might be a good munching snack or a good addition to trail mix. They are in cute flower-y shapes, about the size of Cheerios. In fact, these taste pretty much like Cheerio’s as well. THey are light and puffy, and have a pretty bland flavor. They only provide .5 grams of sugar per serving, so I wasn’t really expecting much sweetness. The apple puffs had a very slight granny smith apple aftertaste, and the banana puffs didn’t really have much of a banana flavor, but were just sweeter, rather.

Overall, I give these 3 stars. I understand they are meant for babies, so they are low in sugar, but also a bit low in flavor. However, they are GREAT for babies- just like the package says, they really melt in the mouth, so the baby can eat it easily. They are also small and easy to pick up. As for me, I like that they are organic, contain vitamins like calcium, and are pretty low calorie, although they lack fiber. I think they would be great for a little added crunch in yogurt, or to add to “bulk up” some of those sugary cereals for breakfast.

1 serving, 75 pieces/ about 1/2 a cup, is 25 calories, 0 grams of fat, 6 carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, .5 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of protein.

Banana Puffs- organic rice, organic whole oats, organic wheat, organic apple juice concentrate, organic whole grain brown rice, organic wheat starch, organic banana; vitamins and minerals: ascorbic acid, citric acid, di- and tri-calcium phosphate (calcium), mixed tocopherols (vitamin e), ferric orthophosphate (iron), vitamin d3, niacin (vitamin b3), zinc oxide, d-calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5), riboflavin (vitamin b2), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), pyridoxine hcl (vitamin b6), vitamin b12, folic acid

Apple Puffs- organic rice, organic whole oats, organic wheat, organic apple juice concentrate, organic whole grain brown rice, organic wheat starch, organic apple; vitamins and minerals: ascorbic acid, di- and tri-calcium phosphate (calcium), mixed tocopherols (vitamin e), ferric ortho-phosphate (iron), vitamin d3, niacin (vitamin b3), zinc oxide, d-calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5), riboflavin (vitamin b2), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), pyridoxine hcl (vitamin b6), vitamin b12, folic acid

HappyBaby Happy Bites Veggie Tots

Kiddie food review! Woo-hoo! I love these! Hey, kids need to eat healthy too! But these reviews bring me back to when I was young and Mom & Dad did all the delicious cooking. Aw…

Anyway– HappyBaby has a line, HappyBites, that makes organic meals for toddlers and kids. I was sent a coupon from the company to try a free product in the mail. So, I went to the store, and at the time, I had the choice between “Salmon Stix” and “Veggie Tots” in the freezer section. Hmm.. Veggie Tots sounded much more my style than Salmon Stix. So, Veggie Tots it was!

Each veggie tot is, according to the website, “organic shredded patties packed with ‘hidden vegetables'”, is gluten free, organic, and provides 2 servings of vegetables per veggie tot. The size is about that of a CD, if not a bit smaller. (sorry, I forgot to take a picture when I ate it!)

I took my “tot” out of the freezer and overwrap, and put it in the microwave for a bit, and then heated/toasted it in my toaster oven for some crunch. I believe these are geared to be meals for kids or toddlers, but I certainly couldn’t have just that, so I ate it alongside some applesauce, broccoli, and a soy-style “chicken” patty for my meal.

Looking at the veggie tot, you can CERTAINLY see it was bursting with veggies. There was visible carrots, onions, black beans and corn, all seemed to be mushed together in a potato-like patty. The taste is predominantly potato, a little dry, but overall had a hash brown/tater tot taste. It wasn’t too salty in flavor, with a very mild cheddar cheese and black pepper flavor. The corn and the black beans were also a bit dry, but not bad.

Overall, I can see kids eating these. Especially like I did, I dipped mine in some applesauce which went perfectly with the crispy edges from the toaster oven. I like how it provides 2 servings of vegetables per veggie tot- and, not going to lie, the Cheetah, “Chui”, was cute on the front cover! Kids always seem to love characters- and I’m sure “Chui” will be one of them! 3 1/2 stars

1 Veggie Tot is 110 calories, 3 grams of fat, 18 carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of protein.

Organic Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Organic Corn, Organic red Peppers, Organic Black Beans, Organic Eggs, organic Palm Fruit Oil, Water, Organic Pea Fiber, Organic Cheddar Cheese (Organic pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes), Organic Corn Starch, Organic Onion,
Organic Garlic, Sea Salt, Organic Chili Powder, Organic Parsley, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cumin

Still a chance to enter the  NUTRIDEL giveaway!! 🙂

Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snacks


okay okay, this one is geared toward babies & toddlers…but i got a free coupon, and we all know my love for yogurt. How could these possibly be bad? I saw 2 flavors at whole foods, Mixed Berry and Banana Mango. Banana Mango was the one i had chosen. These yogurt snacks are freeze-dried yogurt and fruit, are gluten free, have pre and probiotics, and “melt in baby’s (or mine!) mouth”.

Each one is about the size of a nickel, and the consistency of those Necco wafer candies (if they even make those anymore. I think they come out around Valentines day). The taste is very mellow. It’s not bad, but different. I was sort of expecting sweet yogurty flavor, but it was more toned down.  It almost had a cheesy taste to it if you will. I did like sucking on them though, and they did “melt” in my mouth, but slowly. They were creamy and almost foamy-ish once they hit the tounge. The sweetness actually comes out once you fully dissolved the piece in your mouth. They are certainly something I have never tasted or experienced before, but i liked them!! 🙂 I tasted more of the mango flavor with a hint of banana. I think these would be good maybe mixed in a trail mix or some plain cereal like kashi go lean or bran/wheat flakes for some added yum and sweetness. They are definitetly good for babies and toddlers though, they are perfect finger food.

1/4 of a cup is 30 calories, 0 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs, 0 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein. You also get 12% of your daily calcium and vitamin D needs, as well as some healthy probiotics for digestion. woo!

Vitamin D Fortified Cultured Pasteurized Organic Nonfat Milk, Organic Banana, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Mango, Organic Tapioca, Pectic, Organic Locust Bean Gum, Inulin, Natural Flavor, Live & Active Cultures: Streptococcus thermophilus, Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, B. Lactis, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus. (woo thats a mouthful!! 🙂 )

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