Cosi Lighter Side Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

The other day I went to visit my personal trainer.

It. Was. Awesome.

I was sore from head to toe the next day. Really. I THOUGHT I was in shape.

Regardless, post exercise, I went home and realized I was starving. But had hardly anything in my kitchen. A girl can only have scrambled eggs as a source of protein for lunch so many days a week. So I decided to go to one of my favorite spots, Cosi, and get a sandwich packed with some delicious chicken for protein.

Looking at the menu, I decided on the Lighter Side Tandoori Chicken Sandwich. It was chicken, a fat free vinaigrette, chunks of chicken, red bell peppers, and their beyond delicious whole grain bread (although white bread is also an option. But you know me- gotta get the whole grain when offered!)

By the time I got my sandwich, I was ravenous, which I think enhanced the eating experience even more. But I have a feeling this sandwich would have been delicious even if I wasn’t as hungry as I was.

You can check out the nutritional information here

As you can see, huge chunks of chicken, strips of peppers, and a fluffy yet crust bread. The chicken had a bit of heat to it, and was spiced mildly. It was chewy, with a little bit of tang, and had a bit of a peppery flavor as well. I liked that there was BIG pieces in the sandwich, and not little cubes or anything like that.

Moving on to the peppers, they were, ok. They were chewy but still had a bite to them, and were tangy but not too spicy which I liked. I wasn’t really crazy about the peppers, and could have totally eaten the sandwich without them.

Moving onto the bread. Oh my goodness the bread. Seriously, can  I just go in there and order bread? Because I’m certainly tempted. It was crusty on the outside, and fluffy on the inside with a slight olive oil flavor. The dressing even soaked itself in parts of the bread, which provided even more flavor. It seriously was delicious.

Overall, really tasty! It also came with carrots (or I believe chips was an option as well) on the side. With my sandwich, carrots, and a drink it came out to about 10 dollars. Needless to say, I was full for a few hours off of this sandwich, so well worth the money!  4 stars

Crumbs Bake Shop Frosted Black and White Cookie

I know, I know. HOW could I go into Crumbs and NOT get a cupcake that everyone seems to love?


I dont know.

The Frosted Black and White Cookie (clocking in I believe at 390 calories for one) called to me. Did I need all the inevitable sugar and fat in this cookie? No. Was I going to eat it anyway? You betcha.

So I took the cupcake, oops, cookie, home after a long walk to pick up some groceries. I was hoping the icing wouldn’t get all mushed, and it stood up pretty well. It was that type of icing that hardens a bit, and wasn’t super runny. For whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to break up the cookie before taking a picture. (If this was Twitter, I’d put a #oops following that statement…)

The cookie was soft and thick. The bottom cookie part had a vanilla sugar cookie flavor, but was more cupcake-y than cookie-y (is that a word?) in texture.  I actually really enjoyed this part. I could probably eat a cookie entirely of this cakey-cookie part and be very satisfied. It was sweet, but not too sweet and really delicious.

The white side of the cookie/frosting I wasn’t too crazy about. It tasted overly buttery (assuming there is butter in it), or almost like a tangy sweet whipped cream cheese. I wasn’t digging it, unfortuantely. The black side was better, but also had a bit of an off taste. It had more of a cocoa flavor to me than chocolate, but was pretty good, and also pretty sweet. The frosting was very delicate, almost whipped in consistency.

I have had the Mini Black & White Cookie from Crumbs before and thought it was awesome. Honestly, I think I would rather have one of those than one of these Frosted Black and White Cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth. The vanilla or white side of the cookie really threw me off, and just wasn’t digging it. This cookie costs be $3.00, and I can’t say I’m not disappointed =(  2 stars

Again, I dont know the exact nutritionals or ingredients, except I believe it was 390 calories. Which, is a MEALS worth of calories, but it was a treat! =)

Ever buy something thinking it would be delicious only to be let down a little (or a lot!)? What was it?

Red Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt

Yep- I tried it! I saw NEW flavor at Red Mango, and I just HAD to try it. Seeing as the recently reviewed Peanut Butter flavor at Red Mango was a winner with me, I certainly couldn’t wait to try the Raspberry Cheesecake!

I decided to go for different toppings rather than my usual granola and banana, and got fresh raspberries and Mochi as toppings. When I got my frozen yogurt, I felt I had received a little less  yogurt than normal, I was missing that classic fun “swirl” at the top! Here’s how it looked

Upon first bite, I knew I had found my new favorite flavor. I’m upset that it’s a seasonal flavor. WHY oh WHY do I ALWAYS fall in love with the seasonal items?! (;

It wasn’t as tart as the other Red Mango flavors I have had in the past. It was creamy, sweet, and had an awesome raspberry flavor. Very fresh, and very delicious. As for the cheesecake aspect, I didn’t detect much of a different flavor other than a rich raspberry flavor, but I certainly didn’t mind a bit.

As for the toppings, let’s just say I’m going back to my bananas and granola. The raspberries were SO tart! Perhaps if you are a big fan of tart raspberries, you would like them, but they were a little too tart for me. And the mochi, I was also not a fan of. It tasted like marshmallow dough would taste like, if there was such a thing. Chewy like a gummy treat, and awkward tasting.

However, I’m not grading this yogurt based on the toppings I am responsible for choosing. Raspberry Cheesecake yogurt is AWESOME. I highly recommend it. 4 1/2 stars

Do you like cheesecake? If not, what’s your favorite dessert?

Starbucks Salted Caramel Sweet Square

Yesterday was a long day.  A super fun, but loooooong day. So, on my way home, I wanted something sweet as a little pick-me-up. I stopped by Starbucks, and this Salted Caramel Sweet Square  popped out to me. It looked really tasty, so I bought it at $1.50.

It’s not huge, but moderately sized. I would estimate half the size of my palm, in square form. I found it to be the perfect size because it was very rich and very sweet (read- very delicious!), so it was just right.

On the bottom, was a crumby, graham cracker/pie crust like layer. On top of that, was I believe some pretzels held together in a sticky substance, and then a chocolate-caramel layer on top. The chocolate-caramel layer was very smooth, sort of like frosting. Predominantly, the name was right on.  Salted Caramel Sweet Square is a perfect name for this bar. It was SALTY, sweet, and had a delicious caramel/chocolate flavor.  I couldn’t get over how delicious it was, and although I thought I would have wanted another one since it was small, I was satisfied with one because the flavors were really intense, and really delicious.

Overall, 4 1/2 stars. I  cannot give this 5 stars since it’s probably not the healthiest thing (and has 6 grams of saturated fat!), but in moderation, so yummy and so worth it. I would certainly get it again.

What’s your favorite treat from Starbucks?

1 square is 190 calories, 11 grams of fat, 24 grams of carbohydrates, less than 1 gram of fiber, 15 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

Red Mango Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

I don’t know if you remember my tweet about Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt on my Twitter Page the other day, but I was SO excited! I had intentions of buying a different flavor, but when I saw PEANUT BUTTER available, I quickly changed my mind! (:

I got this peanut butter flavor with bananas and granola as a topping. After I ordered, I realized they had suggested to get Jelly as a topping, which I would probably do next time I go, as it sounds yummy! I ended up getting a small, and it cost $4.98, with the 2 toppings.

Again, love the presentation. The swirl on top is too cute!

I took a scoop of the peanut butter, and was actually surprised. I was expecting a very sweet or a very peanutty flavor, and it was actually more tart than I thought it would be. However, it was pretty good! It did have a very mild sweetness to it, and was smooth. I actually really thought it tasted like peanut butter cream cheese, because I could certainly taste the  peanut butter flavor and a dairy or yogurt-y flavor. Unique, but good!

As for the toppings, the bananas were fresh and not overly sweet, kind of like a perfectly yellow banana with no brown spots would provide. The granola was crunchy and sweet, with a few pumpkin seeds and a bunch of flaxseeds as well. A good accompaniment to the frozen yogurt!

Overall, pretty good! I do wish it was either a bit sweeter, or a bit more peanut buttery, but I would get it again. 4 stars

If you could make any flavor frozen yogurt, what would it be? Since my dream flavor is already made, I would pick  cookie dough next!! (:

Panera Bread Fuji Apple Chicken Salad

I’m not a huge salad person, I’d much rather eat a sandwich, but every now and then I do get a craving for something green, leafy and crunchy. I went to Panera Bread the other day, and got the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, sans gorgonzola, red onions and pecans. Let me tell you- this is one of the most delicious salads I have ever eaten! It was literally so good, I ate every single last piece of lettuce in that bowl. 🙂

When it first got to my table, I took a look at what I got. Apple chips, big chunks of chicken, lettuce and leaves of different varieties, and tomatoes, all with dressing on it. As a note to myself, I might ask for the dressing on the side next time, not because there was too much, because there was just the right amount, but I noticed some of the dressing went to the bottom and I had a few leaves that were dry. I also loved the fact that the salad was served in a reusable dish rather than plastic or cardboard to throw away – gave it a very “home-like” appeal!

Anyway –

Onto the salad! The  leaves and lettuce was crunchy and fresh. At first I thought I was going to want more lettuce, but by the time I was done I was really satisfied with what I had. The chicken on top was cold, well seasoned/peppery, and chewy. And there was PLENTY of chicken, which I liked, because there was no scrimping there!

Onto my favorite part of the salad, the apple chips. Literally, delicious. I ate one, and saved the rest to the side of my bowl for when I finished the salad as my “treat”. They had the consistency and slight oily texture of potato chips, but with a sweet and crunchy apple flavor. One of my chips even had a stem in it like the real apple would from the tree! I only wish there were more chips- they were so good!

Lastly, the dressing. This dressing was so yummy. It was sweet and had a zing to it that made me pucker, but it was so good! There was plenty of dressing, but as I said, some of it went to the bottom that I had to use my lettuce leaves to scrape up.

Overall, really, really good!  I so wish I could eat salads like that every day (and wish I had the paycheck to support it!) I would certainly get this again. 4 1/2 stars

Dont forget this Silk Giveaway here! 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to get at Panera Bread? (If you haven’t been there- what’s your favorite salad you make at home?)

Jamba Juice Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, no? The only thing I was craving was something creamy, fruity and cool. What better way to satisfy that craving than with a Jamba Juice smoothie?

I walked into Jamba Juice and decided on the Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie in the Sixteen size, as I happen to love strawberry and banana mixed together. I was a little taken aback at the price- $5.12 for a smoothie. That’s quite a chunk of change for a smoothie! However, I would soon find out it was worth it!

As you can see, it was a pale pink in color, with a frothy top. It was smooth and not too thick, which was good.  It was also pretty sweet, but not sugary tasting. It had mostly a strawberry-yogurt type of flavor, with some banana undertones as well.  I love that I could taste the occasional piece of strawberry or strawberry seed, which gave it a very natural and authentic feel. In fact, at the bottom of the smoothie I found a little chunk of banana and a piece of strawberry as well!

Overall, it was really good. I would get it again, but not every day since I can’t afford to spend over 5 bucks for a smoothie every day (although I WOULD if I could!!). As a whole, 4 stars

What’s your favorite recipe for a homemade smoothie?

Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich Shop Fluffernutter Sandwich

In honor of National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, I felt it was appropriate to celebrate in the form of peanut butter. This is one holiday I certainly do not mind spending! (Not that I really mind any holidays for that matter, but this one in particular is worth celebrating! =) )

So, I ordered the Fluffernutter sandwich, which came with carrot sticks and a bag of chips. Yes, I realize it’s National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, but Fluff is equally as delicious, and in all fairness, it still was a peanut butter sandwich =)

Here’s a pic of what I got (minus the chips that I saved for later)

Can you honestly tell me that doesn't look delicious? Mmm.

Although it may not seem it, the sandwich is actually rather large. I got my Fluffernutter on wheat bread, which was soft and just perfect. The peanut butter went excellent with the fluff, I got that “stuck-on-the-roof-of-my-mouth” feeling from the peanut butter, and the soft marshmallow fluff brought some sweetness to compliment the peanut butter.

On the menu listed on the website it says “Remember this recipe? Peanut Butter on one side, and gobs of Marshmallow Fluff spread on the other. It’s heaven”. I could not agree more. There really was peanut butter and fluff oozing out of the sandwich, which I had no problem using my crust to wipe up and eat.

The only slight disappointment of the meal was the carrot sticks. Not that they weren’t tasty, because they did taste quite fresh and delicious, but there wasn’t enough! Only three!? I would have much preferred a heftier side of carrots to compliment my sandwich.

Regardless, 4 1/2 stars. One of the best Fluffernutter sandwiches I ever ate.

Did you/ are you celebrating National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day? Please let me know! =)

Red Mango Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt with Organic Granola

The other day, craving a frozen sweet treat, I went to Red Mango on the way home from a morning of shopping (gotta refuel!!). I happen to like Red Mango frozen yogurt- it has more tart flavors than other frozen yogurt places, but to me it feels more natural and more like plain yogurt. I went up to the counter and ordered a small dark chocolate frozen yogurt with organic granola, and it came to be a little under 5 dollars. Probably the only thing that prevents me from eating frozen yogurt more frequently is the price. For the most part, wherever I go, a small with a  topping is usually around 5 dollars, give or take. Not super expensive of course, but not something I can afford to buy every single day (although I totally would if I could! =)  )

Anyway – I took my fro yo to the car and took a picture. Here’s how it looked

Props to Red Mango for presentation. That is one pretty-looking yogurt!

So I dug into the frozen yogurt, trying just the dark chocolate frozen yogurt first. It had a sort of sherbet/ice-like texture. Not super creamy like frozen yogurts I have had in the past which I think resemble soft serve ice cream, but a little more stiff. It was sweet and chocolately, almost like chocolate milk, and not too tart, which I liked. The granola on top was also delicious. Big pieces of pumpkin seeds, little flax seeds, and good flavor. Nice and crunchy, and it added just the right touch to the frozen yogurt that it didn’t overwhelm the flavor, but enhanced it.

Overall, delicious! I would certainly get this combination again. If I had to judge them separately, I would give the yogurt 4 1/2 stars as I wish it was a bit creamier, and the granola 4 stars, but I would give it 4 1/2 stars as a whole. They complimented each other quite nicely, and it was a nice way to relax a bit after a hectic morning of shopping.

What’s your favorite topping to get on frozen yogurt? I’m usually a granola or fruit kind-of girl :0)

Crumbs Bake Shop Mini Black & White Cookies

Anyone ever been to Crumbs Bake Shop? I’ve heard great things about this place! I would agree that with any healthy diet, there’s room to indulge! And I just so happen to have a sweet tooth…

So, I bought a Mini Black & White Cookie.

Look how perfectly iced it is!

It had a rather thick layer of icing on top, as well as a good amount of cookie underneath. It was “mini” in the sense where it wasn’t a huge as the typical black & white cookies are, but I would say it was about the size of a standard homemade chocolate chip cookie, or a bit bigger than, say an Oreo.

The cookie part was soft and cake-like, with just a slight crisp around the edge. The icing on top was smooth and sweet- the chocolate had a rather deep chocolate flavor, and the vanilla was delicious as well- almost a buttery flavor. I preferred the vanilla over the chocolate side.

Overall, this cookie was really good, but also very sweet. But since it was a Mini Black & White cookie, it wasn’t overpowering, and was just perfect. It certainly satisfied my sweet tooth! 4 1/2 stars

Have you ever been to Crumbs Bake Shop? What’s your favorite thing to get?

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