Haagen-Dazs Shops Frozen Yogurt

Before the review, I believe today’s the day, HAPPY 1- YEAR BLOGGIE BIRTHDAY TO ME! (www.healthnuttxo.com!) It’s been a real treat! I love blogging, and you readers make it all worthwhile!!

So what better way to celebrate then with some ice cream, err frozen yogurt? (even if I did eat it yesterday…)

Yesterday I went into the Haagen-Dazs shop looking for a sweet and cool treat. I saw that they had frozen yogurt available, in No Sugar Added Chocolate, No Sugar Added Vanilla and swirl. I asked for a regular sized swirl, which was about $5.00.

When I got my order, it was actually just vanilla. Where’s my swirl of chocolate and vanilla?!?! I wondered. Oh well. Plain vanilla was fine with me. Here’s a pic of my fro-yo.

Oooooooh yeaaa. Creamy!

I took a spoonful, and at first taste, I thought of vanilla rice pudding. It was sweet, but not sugary tasting. It had a fluffy, soft-serve ice cream consistency. It sounds and looks really good, but unfortunately, I really did not enjoy this frozen yogurt. What completely ruined it for me was the aftertaste. It had this weird, tangy, off aftertaste. I’m assuming perhaps some artificial sweetener was added? I’m not really sure what the ingredients are, but I did not like this.

Overall, MAYBE I would get this again in a swirl, but I would not get it again by itself. It was pretty expensive (so of course I finished it!), and the quantity wasn’t a concern- a good amount was given. I liked the consistency, but this overall was not my favorite. 2 stars

What’s your favorite product from Haagen-Dazs?

16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

Ok. I’m an avid frozen yogurt fan- and so far, this is one of the best places I have ever been to. I’ve been there a few times, and decided it needs a review on this website for all of you to hear about and perhaps go enjoy it, too!

One word that comes to mind? AMAZING.

I walked in, and went to the back of the store. They had a few “stations” if you will, with the flavors named and handles to pull. It’s self-serve! Pick as much or as little as you want! For obvious reasons (such as it’s pure awesome-ness) I went for the peanut butter flavor (how could I NOT get the peanut butter?)

Then, there was a topping bar, that had pretty much everything from fruity, to sweet, to crunchy. I saw cheesecake bites, cookie dough bites, brownie bites, mango, lychee, bananas, and so much more. I went for cookie dough bites and banana this time.

Here’s what my cup of deliciousness looked like.

yea... i ate some before I took the picture. I always forget to take the picture, THEN eat!!!

Then, they weighed my cup, I paid, and enjoyed!

The peanut butter flavor was phenomenal. Super creamy, sweet, and savory at the same time. Literally, I wish I could buy this by the gallon. I think it was almost exactly like soft serve ice cream in consistency. In fact, if you told me it was ice cream, I would have believed you!

The cookie dough was also delicious. Just like the cookie dough that comes in ice cream tastes. Soft, sweet, buttery and just perfect. I saved all of mine for the end and ate them all ate once- a cookie dough blob, I guess you could call it.

And lastly, the banana slices, fresh and mildly sweet. Sort of like when I eat a banana that’s perfectly yellow with no brown spots- it’s sweet, but not super sweet, and still has a good amount of firmness to it.

Overall, do I recommend this place? (is that a serious question?) Of course I do!!! I would give it 4 1/2 stars. Some of the yogurt is a bit high in sugar, but I love the idea of this place. You get to choose exactly what you want!

Have you ever been to 16 Handles? What’s your favorite flavor and/or toppings?

Cosi Pollo e Pasta Soup and Tuscan Pesto Chicken Sandwich

I went to Cosi again, so, here’s another restaurant review!

I got the soup and 1/2 sandwich combo, and I tried 2 things I never had before. the Pollo e Pasta Soup and the Tuscan Pesto Chicken Sandwich on whole grain. My total came to $8.48 which  I thought was a fair price.

I tried the soup first. It was actually very hot, so I appreciated that, since I had cold soup, and it was a cold, wintry day yesterday. It had a bunch of green veggies that were leaf-like in appearance floating on the top. On the bottom was pasta, but not a typical noodle, it was more like a dot, or a little circle. They were soft and pretty good. There were also carrots, peppers, & cucumbers that were all rather tender and good. The chicken was chewy yet soft, and there were even I believe chickpeas in this soup- odd, but tasty. The soup was kind of salty, and left a greasy feel on my mouth. It also had a funky onion/garlic aftertaste that I couldn’t get past. The first few bites were good, but as I ate it, I liked it less and less. I didn’t finish it, because I wasn’t really  crazy about it.

Next, the sandwich. The amazing, super tasty sandwich. Now, was it so tasty because my soup wasn’t really that good? Or was it tasty just on it’s own? I’m going with the latter, because this sandwich is awesome! There was crisp and crunchy, slightly salty and flavorful flatbread with fresh lettuce, chicken and an orangey spread on the inside. The lettuce was crisp, the chicken was chewy, slightly salty and had a great pesto flavor to it. But what made the sandwich was the spread. It tasted like a hummus almost- kind of like a cheesy tomato flavored spread, that was slightly spicy and very flavorful. Just delicious.

Overall, the soup gets 2 1/2 stars, and the sandwich gets 4 1/2 stars. I wont get the soup again,  but I will certainly get the sandwich!

Whats your favorite spread to put on sandwiches?

Cosi Fire-Roasted Veggie Sandwich

My first RESTAURANT review! I don’t eat out much, but when I do, I want something that’s not only tasty, but healthy too!

Yesterday I went to Cosi for dinner, and ordered a Fire-Roasted Veggie Sandwich on whole grain bread and had it warmed up as well. There was the option of chips or carrots on the side, and I chose the carrots-nothing like a side of veggies to go with my veggies! ; )  I believe my total came out to around $8.05, which  I don’t think was that bad since it was a pretty large sandwich.

Considering my excellent photography skills, here’s what it looked like both open and closed. Apologies for nearly cutting off half of the sandwich..

I wasn’t really sure how to approach this, so I ate it open-faced with a fork.  I tore off a piece of bread first and took a bite. Mmmmm. Now this is how bread should taste!! It was hard and crunchy on the outside, tasting kind of like a cracker, and then had a softer, slightly chewy consistency on the inside. It was salty, in a good way, and very flavorful. Really, really tasty.

Moving on to the actual sandwich part rather than being the carb queen I am and loving the bread (typical…), the veggies! There was eggplant, onion, peppers, some unidentified vegetables (a pickle?? I wasn’t sure what one of them were) and then a few shreds of fresh lettuce. I thought the lettuce was awkward. Why fresh lettuce? It was good, but not super crisp, probably because I asked for my sandwich warm. Anyway- I tried the eggplant first, and well, I wasn’t a fan. It was chewy and moist, but just not my style. The peppers were okay- not quite tender so they still had that crunch and bite to them, but fresh tasting. My favorite, ironically because I usually don’t like them, was the onions! They were sweet, very soft, and very flavorful.

Lastly, on the delicious bread was a delicious cheesy spread. Oh soooo good! It was salty, creamy and had a white cheddar cheese flavor to it. I was tempted to ask for a Fire-Roasted Veggie Sandwich with only the bread, the cheese, and the onions for next time. But I guess that would be kind of like ordering a loaded baked potato with no toppings. Whatever.

I’d give this a 4 star overall.

I got the nutritional information from the website for the sandwich on Rustic Bread.

1 sandwich (9 oz) is 324 calories, 8 grams of fat, 44 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar and 11 grams of protein.

have you ever eaten at Cosi? What is your favorite thing to get?

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