Sunland Raspberry Natural Peanut Butter

Yep. You read correctly. Raspberry Peanut Butter. You KNOW I was excited to try this when I saw it in the store! Immediately into my cart it went for me to buy and well… enjoy !

On my drive home, I couldn’t imagine what this was going to taste like. Very tart? Very fruity? Awkward tasting?

Here’s what it looked like straight from the jar (of course, I had already eaten some at this point!)- a very thick peanut butter, HARDLY any oil separation or stirring required!

I would say predominantly, it was a sweet peanut butter, with an awesome raspberry flavor. Not a fake raspberry flavor, which I really enjoyed! It had a slight tart flavor that raspberries often have, and also a slight salty after taste. It really was incredibly tasty! I have only eaten it straight from the jar as of yet, but I think it would rock on oatmeal or toast too.

I also like that it wasn’t a super runny peanut butter. I do love super runny nut butters, but sometimes they are not practical for eating straight from the jar with a spoon (been there, done that….lets just say I got peanut butter EVERY where!!). This one literally sticked on the spoon!

Overall, pretty good. My only thing was that it was a tad high in sugar, and lower in protein than other nut butters I have had in the past. 4 1/2 stars

And, by request, here’s the nutritional breakdown in picture form, straight from the jar!

If you could put ANY fruit in a peanut butter, what would it be? I think mango or strawberry peanut butter would be really tasty!

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