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Do you take a daily multi-vitamin?

I must say, even though I generally have a good diet, I do take a multi-vitamin (in the gummy form of course. What can I say? It brings out my inner childhood 🙂 )

Something new I was offered to try for free, the AlternaVites Kids Strawberry Bubble Gum Quick-Melting Multivitamin & Mineral Crystals. Some facts about this product I was provided with, is that they have 0 grams of sugar, no aspartame, and have no artificial colors or flavors! Sounds like my kind of vitamin. And in flavors like Strawberry Bubble Gum and Raspberry Cotton Candy? Let me try!

I opened up on of the packets. The consistency was a fine, white powder. It came in a tube, kind of like those you would get for Crystal Light on the Go, but skinnier.

It recommends to not pour the entire tube at once on your tongue (good thing I read the directions, I had plans to do that!) and I can see why. I did about half the tube, and although it dissolved very quickly, the whole tube would have been too much.

As for the taste? The taste was pretty good. Mildly sweet and a bit tart, it had a creamy strawberry flavor to it, with a bubble gum aftertaste. It did kind have that “toothpastey” flavor, as it was “sweet” without really being “sweet”. It was good, but not amazing flavorwise.

However, I like these! I would love to try the other flavor to see what it’s like. They are convenient, and only 5 calories, and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals per tube. Super easy, and super fun way to get kids to take a multivitamin/supplement !

Overall, 3.5 stars. Worth a try!

Something different to review, vitamins! I like to take a daily vitamin/calcium and fish oil when it comes to supplements. I mostly take calcium because I don’t always get my 2-3 servings of dairy a day, so I think it helps me reach my quota. (Of course, I always suggest talking to your doctor first before taking any supplements!) I realized I ran out of calcium chews (the horror!!), and browsed Target to find some more. Why Target? Why not Vitamin Shoppe? because Target is so obviously a much more reasonable place to go rather than, say, a vitamin store, no? (kidding!).

While I was there, I saw these gummy vitamins by Vitafusion that were made with natural ingredients and flavors.

It was a rather large jar, with 100 gummies in it, so I was taking a risk buying them. I was sure I’d like them- with flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate and white chocolate raspberry, how could they taste bad!?

First, according to the cover, 2 gummies have as much vitamin D as 3 oz of salmon and as much calcium as 2 six ounce glasses of milk. They were also gluten, peanut , egg and soy free.

So, I opened up the bottle and took the gummies out. They were really dense gummy bites, and thick. They had a bit of a rough feel to them as well.

I tried the chocolate one first. It was swirled with white and had a pretty design on the top

It was very chewy, and had a rather chalky taste to it. Sweet, but not too sweet,  but it did not really remind me of chocolate at all. It kind of had a vanilla flavor to it with an artificial chocolate flavor.

Next, I had the vanilla bean flavor.

This one was a little better, but not by much. It kind of tasted like the chocolate one, but was a little sweeter and lighter in flavor. There were tiny black specs in the gummy which Im assuming was the vanilla bean.

Another time, I tried the white chocolate raspberry.

This one I liked the best. It seemed to be a bit softer than the other ones. It was sweet and had a raspberry vanilla flavor. I wish the whole bottle was just the raspberry vanilla chews!

Overall, not my favorite. I like that there is 500 mg of calcium in 2 gummies, that they are made with natural ingredients, and are gluten/peanut/soy/egg free, but the flavors are just not good or enjoyable. I have had other calcium products that rock, so I will probably not buy these again. They were too gummy and had a weird consistency, almost rubbery, and I just did not enjoy them. The white chocolate raspberry one wasn’t bad, but still not amazing. 2 stars

Do you take calcium supplements? What brand? I’d love some options!

2 gummy Vitamins are
25 calories
6 grams of carbohydrates
5 grams of sugar
1000 IU Vitamin D
500 mg Calcium
125 mg Phosphorus
15 mg Sodium

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