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5 Dec 2011, Comments (4)

Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Bread Mix

Author: Healthnuttxo

I’m all about homemade baking. I’d much rather bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch than buy the prepared versions. Something about the flavor, and the, ahem, love, that goes along with a homemade cookie. However, every now and then, a prepared version suffices. I spotted Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Bread Mix at the store and couldn’t resist. Being the apple and carb fanatic I am (oh carbs…how I love thee) I figured this would be beyond delicious 🙂

So, I preheated the oven and got mixing.

Here’s the goods! It needed 2 eggs, milk (I used skim), butter, and the mix.

See the bumps?! Don't blame my mixing skills....it's actual dried apple pieces!

*insert baking time in oven here*

And…. fresh outta the oven!

Finished product. Everything is better with powdered sugar…. 😉

So….looks pretty. How’s it taste?

It was actually pretty good! It has a very deep flavor, and I could really taste the spices. All spice and cinnamon were the most predominant flavors, and there was almost a bit of a caramel flavor as well. The bread really reminded me of pumpkin too, for the dark color and the spiced flavor. The bread was sweet, but not over the top, so I think it’s acceptable to put the powdered sugar on for some added sweetness after I was suggested to do so.

It was soft and fluffy, with crispier edges, with dried apple pieces for added texture. I didn’t think it was super apple-y in flavor, but it still was an enjoyable bread. I think I’ll eat it again with a smear of peanut butter or butter after warming it up in the toaster oven.

It also lacked fiber and was a bit high in sugar, so this bread gets a total rating of 4 stars. Trader Joe’s really never disappoints me with their products, and I hope they never do!!

What about you? Do you make mostly homemade or store-bough/semi-prepared products? What are your favorites?!

And the nutritional facts. It was kind of high in sugar.

14 Nov 2011, Comments (10)

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy Bars

Author: Healthnuttxo

Along with the Sunbutter Crunch bars I was sent to try for free from Enjoy Life, I was sent a few other flavors to try for free, including the Caramel Apple variety.

How can you really say no to something Caramel Apple flavored? An image of sticky, chewy, sweet and delicious comes to mind thinking of a caramel apple. And so fitting with the fall. Nothing like a crisp apple picked off a tree! (not that I get to experience that all that often given my current urban situation… -__- )

ANYWAY, insert Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy Bars. Gluten free, vegan goodness in bar form. Very small bar form, aka the size of my pointer finger small, but whatever. Good things come in small packages!

This bar was pretty good. It was dense and chewy, and had the little crispy rice sort of action going on like the Sunbutter Crunch variety had. I liked that it was sweet, but not I have to make a dentist appointment for the cavity I’m going to develop sweet. A good amount.

I could certainly taste the apple flavor, which was a plus. While I was eating it, I couldn’t help but notice how much it tasted like Quaker Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal. I would know – I ate that oatmeal SO FREQUENTLY when I was younger. It seemed like every school breakfast I heard the teapot kettle whistle, poured the hot water in my instant oatmeal, ate and went on the school bus. *sigh* back to when life was simple!

So, as a whole for this bar, although it lacks sustainability, as in I’d be hungry still if I only ate this, it was pretty good, and a good snack bar/pre workout boost. I’d give it 4 stars.

What was your typical breakfast before school when you were younger? I alternated with instant oatmeal, and toasted english muffin with peanut butter! =)

Picture Source

I normally always have cold cereal with fruit and almond milk for breakfast, but in the mood for something new, I wanted oatmeal. I didn’t want old fashioned oatmeal as I wanted to go to the gym after breakfast and I find old fashioned is much more satisfying than instant, and I kind of wanted some quick energy.

So, I decided to try the new Quaker Hearty Medleys Apple Cranberry Almond Instant Oatmeal. I believe I got a free sample that came with my daily newspaper, so I thought why not?

I decided to do the microwave method, which required putting the oatmeal in a bowl with 1/3 of a cup water or milk and microwaving for 30-60 seconds, give or take. I remember thinking only 1/3 of a cup? it seemed kind of low, but I followed the instructions.

After cooking, I noticed I probably could have added more water, as it was a little pasty in consistency. As for the fruit and nuts,  the package claimed it was “loaded with real fruits & nuts”, so I was a bit skeptical, but quite pleased. While there weren’t a ton of apples and cranberries (in fact, I really didn’t find that many apples,  but the cranberries were delicious!), but there were a good amount of sliced almonds. They had a weird texture, not crunchy, but not soft, sort of an inbetween, like a chewy texture. Nonetheless, they were still good. It was different than any oatmeal I ever had. There also was a nice touch of cinnamon that provided good flavor.

Overall, 3 1/2. It was pretty yummy, but the portion was kind of tiny, and the texture was a bit pasty. Perhaps if I ever buy this I’ll add more water, or use the stovetop( boiling the water )method instead. But, what I did like, was that I had this oatmeal with some fruit, and it was rather satisfying and provided me with the energy I needed!

1 pouch (36 grams) is 130 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 11 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein.

7 Jul 2010, Comments (1)

Clif Bar & Company C Bars

Author: Healthnuttxo

Clif Bar & Company is one of my go-to brands for bars, because they have a lot to offer, are made with good ingredients, and most importantly, are tasty!

The generous folks over at Clif Bar & Company sent me some of their Clif C-Bars to try, which are basically fruit & nut bars. According to the website, they provide 1 serving of fruit per bar, are all natural, and are 70% organic! They come in 4 flavors, Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry and Cherry Pomegranate. I tried all of them so far except the Cherry Pomegranate, which I was also sent but didn’t eat yet.

The bars seem small, about the size of the Clif Kid Z Bars, but I found them to actually be just the right size. Because the flavors are very powerful and pretty sweet, I felt that a bigger bar was not needed. I also liked that these bars stated they were “Low Glycemic” and that “low glycemic foods digest slowly for prolonged levels of satiation and energy”. I also find, as a type 1 Diabetic, my blood sugar levels do not raise as quickly when I eat low glycemic foods as compared to higher glycemic foods.

Apple- this one was the first bar I tried, and was I HAPPY. Just SO. GOOD. It was soft, gooey and rich. It was sweet with just a hint of cinnamon flavor, and had a “fudge”-like consistency. I agree with what the website says that  “This bar tastes like homemade apple pie”, because it CERTAINLY  reminded me of the sweet, delicious insides of an apple pie ! 5 stars

Raspberry- This bar wasn’t as sweet as I had expected. It had more pieces of nuts on top than the Apple flavor did, and overall ahd a very light raspberry flavor, with a mix of apple flavors as well. It was good, however, dipped in some chocolate nut butter 🙂 3 1/2 stars

Blueberry- very soft, moist and chewy, and quite good. A nice blend of blueberry and apple flavors, it was sweet and delicious. It kind of reminded me of if there was such a thing as a “blueberry brownie”, this would be it! Not that it tasted chocolatey, but it was chewy and moist like a brownie usually is. 4 1/2 stars

Overall, these are yummy! I definitely reccommend giving them a try! I really like how they are 70% organic, provide 1 fruit serving per bar, and are made without a ton of ingredients! I think these would be perfect for a snack on the go, or even with a nice sandwich for lunch. The only let down in my opinion, was the nut topping. It didn’t really provide too much flavor, or crunch for that matter for the bar. However, that won’t stop me from buying these again 🙂

Nutritional Information & Ingredients Listed Below for APPLE flavor, for information about the rest of the bars, you can visit here.

1 bar is 130 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 17 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

Organic Dates, Almonds, Organic Apples, Macadamia Nuts, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Cinnamon, Sea Salt (Real SaltÂŽ), Natural Vitamin E (Antioxidant).

We all love candddddyyy. Problem is- most candy doesn’t love US. It’s usually full of High Fructose Corn SYrup, color additives and refined sugar. LUCKILY, I found a brand of candy (Hillside Candy) that has a line GO Naturally, that produces “better-for-you” candy. Not only are they gluten free, they are organic, free of high fructose corn syrup, additives and artificial colors and flavors. They also don’t have refined sugars, and are sweetened with cane juice and brown rice syrup instead.

They come in 6 flavors, all of which I got to try. Apple, Cherry, Ginger, Honey, Honey Lemon and Pomegranate. Each of them are about the size of a nickel, and width wise about 4 nickels piled on top of each other. They lasted pretty long (as long as you don’t bite them!) and had a smooth texture.

Apple– this one had a “light sour apple” flavor. It wasn’t too tangy, but still had a granny smith tartness to it. It was nicely sweetened. 4 stars
Cherry- i like how this one wasn’t red as i expected. most cherry flavored things are red-  but this one was brown, like all the rest (no artificial dyes-woop!). It reminded me of the cherry flavored tootsie pops. Yum! 4 stars
Ginger-eh. I really didn’t care for this one. At first it wasn’t bad- it was a sweeter and milder version of a ginger flavor. I like ginger too- i enjoy those Ginger Chews which some people say are too spicy, but I enjoy. My mom, however, loved the ginger flavor of the  hard candy. Just not my cup of tea. 3 stars
Honey-yuuuum. Sweet, light and flavorful. Tastes like I was actually eating honey in “drop” form. smooth and delicious! 5 stars
Honey Lemon- this one tasted like the Honey flavor too, but, well, with a hint of lemon! It was nicely blended though, not too tart from the lemon and the perfect amount of sweetness from the honey. I can see myself having these especially when I have  a cold. 4 stars
Pomegranate- light and sweet. not tart at all, and i almost detected a hint of lemon blended with a milk pomegranate flavor. Delicious. 4 stars

Overall, these were definietely yummy. I would definietly buy the apple and the honey varieties especially if i saw them in stores by me, as those were my two favorite. They are a nice change on the traditional sucking candy, and as a whole, they deserve 4 stars for taste and nutrition. Good job Hillside! (and thank you for providing me some samples to try!) I would like to try other candies by Hillside, such as the GoLIGHTLY sugar free blends and the Hillside Sweets, sweetened with sugar.

4 pieces are 60 calories, 0 grams of fat, 15 carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 10 grams of sugar and 0 grams of protein.

The ingredients are mostly organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, and natural flavors.

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