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Nugo Peanut Butter Chocolate Nutrition Bar and Nugo Dark Mocha Chocolate Bar

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Hey- I have an idea. Let’s post another review about CHOCOLATE! I can’t get enough! Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep lately… is it the caffeine? (Just Kidding!) Anyway- Nugo is a brand that makes a bunch of products that are suitable for many different lifestyles. According to the pamphlet I was sent along with some yummy bars from the […]

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You Bar

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How awesome would it be to make your OWN energy bar? Or your own protein shake, trail mix, cookie or cereal?! Well, YouBar let’s you do JUST that! You get to pick the ingredients, which means you can control the nutrition, fat, calories, etc., the company makes it and ships it for you, and you get to enjoy it! You can even name […]

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Gnu Bars

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These seem to be popular in every health food store I visit. Promising both flavor and fiber, being entirely natural, and still being chewy, delicious and nutritious, it leaves me curious to try! So, i was excited when GNU foods sent me some bars to try. They come in several flavors, Banana Walnut, Espresso Chip, Lemon Ginger, Peanut Butter,  Cinnamon […]

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