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Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit

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I LOVE freeze dried fruit! Especially when there is no sugar or flavorings added, and you get to enjoy the goodness of fruit, with just a crunchy twist! I was sent a few bags of freeze dried fruit from Crunchies.  These snacks are gluten free, NON-GMO certified, and have NOTHING added, just the fruit! Each bag comes with a zipper […]

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Clif Bar & Company C Bars

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Clif Bar & Company is one of my go-to brands for bars, because they have a lot to offer, are made with good ingredients, and most importantly, are tasty! The generous folks over at Clif Bar & Company sent me some of their Clif C-Bars to try, which are basically fruit & nut bars. According to the website, they provide 1 serving of fruit per […]

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Betty Lou’s Jumbo Fruit Bars

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Betty Lou’s is a company that offers a little something for everyone, while still only using all natural, premium ingredients. The company’s snacks range from being gluten free, wheat free, vegan, dairy free, corn free, and more! No matter what you have to avoid, you will be able to find some snacking comfort with Betty Lou’s products. Betty Lou’s sent me some […]

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Brown Cow Greek Yogurt

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Time for another yogurt review! Brown Cow is a branch of Stonyfield Farm ( a FAVORITE company of mine!) that manufactures all natural yogurt and greek yogurt. I got to try the Greek Yogurt, in  Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla flavor, but it also comes in plain. Each of the yogurts are very creamy and thick. When you take the lid off, there […]

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Chobani Greek Flavored Yogurt

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Source We all know my love for yogurt. Now it’s time to explore on the GREEK side of yogurt! What exactly is greek yogurt? Well, after the milk is heated and cultured to make yogurt, it is then allowed to sit and strain, so the “whey” is removed. What’s left is a creamier and thicker version of yogurt. I got […]

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Stonyfield Farm Organic non-fat Blueberry Yogurt

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I’ll be honest- I love flavored yogurt. I know, I know, too much sugar, blah blah blah but i just love it! Blueberry flavor always hits the spot for me, so i decided to try Stonyfield Farm nonfat Organic Blueberry Yogurt. Stonyfield Farms is one of the only brands you’ll find at your local Stop&Shop or wherever without high fructose […]

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