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5 Feb 2011, Comments Off on AeroMAT Fitness Mat

AeroMAT Fitness Mat

Author: Healthnuttxo


A little while ago, I posted about getting a free gift card from CSN stores to buy something online at their stores. What did I choose? The AeroMAT Fitness Mat. I always wanted a mat to use at the gym that would be soft and cushiony, and would allow me to do abdominal work without feeling the floor underneath my mat!

So I put this mat to the test and took it to the gym. I really liked the color- bright and cheery blue! I also liked that the straps were attached to the mat so it couldn’t fall off. One thing I wish it would have had is another strap attached to it so I could hang it on a hook- I don’t like to leave things on the floor if I don’t have to.

Anyway- I used this primarily for abdominal work. When I laid down on it, I noticed it was pretty cushiony and offered really good support. I couldn’t tell that I was laying on a hard floor. I also really liked that it had a good grip. Ever do crunches and notice that the mat seems to inch up and up and up until part of you is laying on the floor? That happened to me a lot with my last mat. But not with this one! It stayed in place the whole time.

Overall, so far it’s a really good mat! Love the cushioning and the support, I just wish it had a strap to hang it up with. Overall, 4 1/2 stars.

What’s your favorite abdominal exercise or something to strengthen your core muscles? I like the plank, followed by the bicycle crunches!

20 Nov 2010, Comments Off on HOMEDICS Neck and Shoulder Massager review & the WINNER!

HOMEDICS Neck and Shoulder Massager review & the WINNER!

Author: Healthnuttxo

The lovely people at CSN stores offered me $35 gift card to pick out whatever I wanted at CSN stores. I was stuck between a few items, but finally I settled on getting the HOMEDICS Neck and Shoulder Massager. I couldn’t wait to try it- I’ve been craving a shoulder massage for so long! : )

I opened the package and took out the massager. Pretty interesting! You can only use the heat part of massager if it’s plugged in, but there is the option of using batteries. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with batteries, so first I had to rummage the drawers in my house to find the pack of batteries. Luckily, I found them and put them in the compartment under the zippered exterior. Then, I tried it both plugged in and with the batteries after placing it on my neck. It was a tad bit big for me, but not too bad.

There are two options for the massage, a High and a Low, and I preferred the low, lighter option. When I put it on the High option, it almost kind of gave me a headache. The heat was a nice touch, although slightly annoying that you can’t use the heat with just the batteries, and needed the plug. It was a mild heat, which felt nice.

Overall, I would call this a neck massager, not a neck and shoulder massager. It did little really for my shoulder, and mostly concentrated on my neck. Although I can see it being helpful when neck pain is a problem. 2  stars.

and… the winner of the Musselman’s apple cider and apple butter giveaway is KAYLA with the comment “i love apple pie a la mode! :) haha.”

selected via random.org! Congrats! Please email me your information so I can ship out the prize!

29 Oct 2010, Comments Off on Green Smart Javan Style Insulated Lunch Tote

Green Smart Javan Style Insulated Lunch Tote

Author: Healthnuttxo

Remember lunch boxes in school? Whether a tin or a bag, they usually had some type of cartoon or some pretty design that kept the lunch cool or warm until it was time for a break? And then of course, I remember the stage where it wasn’t “cool” to have a lunch box, so the switch was then made to brown paper bags (so not earth friendly!!)

Well, it’s back to lunch bags- but this time, a more sophisticated “lunch tote”! And this bag has more to offer than the standard lunch bag doodled with designs.

I was offered a gift card from CSN Stores to pick out something to do a review on, so I chose the Green Smart Javan Style Insulated Lunch Tote. I chose this because I often have to pack a day’s worth of food ahead of time, and let’s face it. Warm yogurt is not yummy, and warm water is so not as refreshing as cold! On the plus side, this lunch tote is made from Neogreene, which according to the website, “is a water-based material which allows for a much cleaner chemistry than neoprene”. Along with that, it also stated this lunch tote “Uses 25% less petroleum, 25% less energy, and eliminates toxin laden solvent adhesives to bind the fabrics to the Neogreene”.

So, I recieved my lunch tote in the mail the other day, and packed my food (from 12pm in the fridge until about 6-7 pm is when I used it). It kept my potato salad cool and my water actually quite cold, which was a plus in my opinion. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in there, which didn’t really need to be refrigerated, but it kept fresh as well- no soggyness!

I liked that on the bottom there was a sort of loop band to put a waterbottle in laying down- saved space! I also liked the bright tangerine color, and the fact that it was a soft lunch box, so it didn’t have that square shape or rough edges.

However, this lunch tote was a bit too big for me. I sort of had to hold it by hand rather than stash it in my bag on my way out the door, because it was a bit big. Although, there is certainly plenty of room to store lots of goodies, and I like that it kept my food fresh. I think lunch bags can be suitable for all ages! 🙂 4 stars

*S0, do you brown bag it? Or are you a user of the lunch box/bag? Please leave a comment below! 🙂

25 Sep 2010, Comments Off on Ed Hardy BackPack Review!

Ed Hardy BackPack Review!

Author: Healthnuttxo

Why a backpack review on a healthy food and product review website? Well, walking is a great exercise for the body. However, while I LOVE a good tote/shoulder bag, lugging a whole bunch of books, snacks or whatever in one of those I find can really put a lot of stress on the body. I know whenever I load up too many things on my shoulder back, my neck, back and shoulder are not too comfy by the end of the day!! So, with the generous gift card I was provided by CSN, I purchased an Ed Hardy backpack.

Upon opening it, I was in LOVE. Not only is the color  one of my favorite colors (teal/aqua blue), it’s also one of my favorite Ed Hardy designs/characters- the bird with the rose! I also really liked that the rose was studded with pretty reddish jewels- it added a nice visual appeal. I opened up all the pockets and was very pleased. There is 2 zipper compartments, one large one with mostly empty space, and a smaller one that has a little compartment for things like a cell phone, or hair brush/makeup (which is what I did).

I really liked the fact that there was a cushiony-gelpad thing going on on the back of backpack. Soft and comfy! The straps were really easy to adjust as well. There are two slots on the side of the bag where I put my water bottle, so I thought that was convenient as well.

I think it goes without saying, this is my new favorite backpack! Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for me. I haven’t found a problem with it at all =) 5 stars!

Hey! Dont forget the Sahale Snacks GIVEAWAY!!  =)

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