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1 May 2011, Comments (7)

Justins Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Author: Healthnuttxo

Yesterday, I decided to go to Target (haha I will admit, a lot of afternoons are spent at Target!). And then, I spotted it on the shelf-and I had to have it. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. But ten DOLLARS? Was it worth the hefty price of over 10 dollars for a jar? I debated. Ah, why not? I stuck it in my cart, bought it, and took it home.

I opened the jar and found I needed to stir it up a bit. There were “pockets” of hard peanut butter, and softer, more oily parts, but nothing a quick stir couldn’t fix. After a minute or so, a smooth, dark brown nut butter awaited for me to devour, I mean eat (;

Here’s how it looked

I took a spoonful and gave it a taste. It was pretty good! The first thing I noticed was a bit of a salty zing it had to it. I wasn’t expecting any saltiness, just sweet, so it caught me a bit off guard. However, I liked it. It had a rather intense hazelnut flavor, balanced beautifully with some chocolatey goodness. I loved how smooth it was after I stirred it up, and it’s mildly sweet flavor. Yum!

To be in love with a nut butter, I have to be able to eat a big spoonful of it, as is, straight from the jar. I think this nut butter is a bit too intense to eat a large quantity of, but it’s still delicious. I remember growing up having chocolate hazelnut spread on white bread and eating it as a sandwich. I think I would definitely do that again, this time with whole wheat of course (;

4 stars. It was a bit pricy, but pretty good. I liked that it had some fiber, but it was a little low in protein. I’d probably get it again, but I don’t think I’m going to eat it as fast as I eat my other peanut butters.

2 tbsp is 190 calories, 16 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar and 4 grams of protein.

What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate hazelnut butter?Please leave me some ideas below! And… Last day to enter the Silk Giveaway here!

13 Jun 2010, Comments (4)

Kettle Foods Hazelnut Butter

Author: Healthnuttxo

Time for a …..nut butter review! My favorite! 🙂

But, not just ANY nut butter- hazelnut butter! I’ve had plenty of peanut butter in my life, along with cashew and almond butter, but never hazelnut butter. So, I was excited when Kettle Foods sent me a jar of Hazelnut Butter to try. I mean, I like hazelnuts- I’ll admit, I normally leave them last to eat when there is mixed nuts available (usually the order goes pecans, cashews, almonds, and then peanuts/macadamia nuts/hazel nuts), but I certainly don’t mind them 🙂

So, I opened up the jar, and actually was a bit taken aback at first- there was a LOT of oil on top! Which means it required some stirring to get it to a better consistency- I spent a few minutes or so. Which means, if you have one of those super-cool nut butter “stirrers” that you attach to the top of the jar- I reccommend  using it! That way, it’s easy stirring for you, and none of the oil will spill. I also reccommend refrigerating this nut butter before eating it. I left it in the fridge for a few days, and while it wasn’t super stiff like I’m used to, it had a thicker consistency and was more workable. However, this consistency was PERFECT for drizzling! Those of you who love to drizzle peanut butter or almond butter on your oatmeal, toast, etc., this one will be PERFECT for doing  so!

Anyway- onto the taste. Honestly, it reminded me of those Ferrero Rocher candies my mom used to buy for holidays, although not as sweet and without the chocolatey flavor. It wasn’t salty, and just a tad sweet. It just tasted very fresh and had a very clean hazelnut flavor. Creamy and smooth- it was actually quite good. Different, but good. I’ll be honest, I was tempted to add cocoa powder & a little bit of sweetener to make it taste like the Nutella brand spread! Can you imagine? 🙂

Overally, this spread gets 4 stars. It certainly was unique and not quite like anything I have had before, but delicious and refreshing. However, I prefer my nut butters to have a little more thickness to them, (so it’s easier to eat straight from the jar of course!) and one serving provides only 4 grams of protein as compared to other nut butters that are a bit higher. But, if you like hazelnuts, I highly reccomend this nut butter! I also did a review of Kettle Brand’s cashew butter, which you can see here.

1 oz (28g) is 180 calories, 17 grams of fat, 5 carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of protein.

Dry Roasted Hazelnuts.

27 Feb 2010, Comments (3)

NuttZo Multi-Nut Butter

Author: Healthnuttxo

I’m sure everyone has heard of NuttZo, the multi nut butter. Not only does it have peanuts, it has cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds AND flaxseeds, all in one spread. I have seen that it’s very popular in bloggie world, so I was excited when the company sent me a jar of their organic nutty spread.

Some facts about this nut butter before I begin…
1. It provides 50% of your daily needs of ALA Omega 3 per serving with 650 mg.
2. all the ingredients are organic & kosher
3. There is no sugar added (yay!)
4. This nut butter is actually stored upside down for easy stirring (it’s about time a nut butter company got smart!! 😉 ) All you have to do is open, stir and then refrigerate with the lid up (the words will be upside down).
5. NuttZo is also a sponsor/supporter or ProjectLeftBehind.

Okay, so it has some awesome facts. But how does it taste?

Well, if you like love nuts and seeds, you will like love this nut butter! Seriously- I opened up the jar, and there were TONS of nuts and seeds. Think of Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter- and then multiply by 5. You CANNOT get a tablespoon without a nut or a seed on it, ESPECIALLY flaxseeds. There are some serious flax seeds going on in this jar.

look at all those nuts & seeds!

Anywho- aside from the sort of offputting appearance (in my opinion, anyway), the taste really isn’t bad. It’s very crunchy (obviously), and has an almost buttery taste. THe most prominent nut flavor to me was the flax and hazelnut. I really didn’t taste any cashew or almond flavors, but it did have a wee bit of a peanut taste, that was slightly sweet due to the fact that they were Valencia Peanuts. This nut spread certainly is satisfying, and you really only need 2 tbsp. in one sitting. I had mine straight out of the jar and on a piece of hearty whole grain bread, drizzled with honey. Since there is no sugar, it is a bit bland, so the honey played up the nutty taste quite well.

Overall, I give this 3 stars for taste, and 4 1/2 for nutrition, so a total of  3 1/2 stars. While the nutrition is excellent, I wasn’t crazy about the numerous amounts of flaxseeds, and I’m not too fond of the taste of flaxseed as well. The crunchiness was nice, however, and it was certainly satisfying. I prefer my nut butters a bit sweeter, and creamier, but if you are a fan of crunchy of chunky nut butters- give this a shot!!

Do you guys like NuttZo? What is your favorite way to eat it?

1 serving (2 Tbsp) is 180 calories, 16 grams of fat, 7 carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein.

Organic Valencia Peanuts, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Hazelnuts, Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Brazil Nuts, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt, Vitamin E, Natural Tocopherols.

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