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I’m not a big fan of energy drinks- I barely even drink coffee (I’m much more of a latte person anyway (;  ) But, the other day I went to Jamba Juice to get a smoothie, and they handed me one to try for free. Why not? It was all natural, and I was already a fan of Jamba Juice. I had a feeling it was going to be good.

So, yesterday before the gym, I had some oatmeal, some fruit, and this Jamba Juice All Natural Strawberry Banana Energy Drink. Straight from the can, it said that the drink contains “80 mg of natural caffeine per can”, “natural caffeine to help support mental alertness”, and  “no artificial colors, artificial flavors, taurine, or other ingredients you need a degree in chemistry to understand” (Ha- I thought that one was funny. Yet true. Some ingredients I dont know, and I TOOK a course in chemistry!)

So already, I thought I was going to like this. I love strawberry banana flavored things, and  I loved how it was a natural drink with a boost of caffeine.

I opened the slim can, and took a sip. It had a very light fizz to it, that I liked. Not so bubbly, but not entirely flat where it was like juice. It had a strawberry flavor, with a mild banana aftertaste. It wasn’t super sweet, however, and I really wish it was sweeter. I felt it was almost dulled down a little bit, and I was searching for some extra sweetness.

All in all, it reminded me of what a strawberry banana yogurt would taste like, with the light carbonation of a soda. A little awkward, but not bad. I CERTAINLY had plenty of energy at the gym, which I partly give credit to the energy drink. I was dragging a little bit during the day, and the drink helped perk me up! I would drink it again, but perhaps add a pinch of stevia. 3 stars

What’s your favorite energy drink?

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Jamba Juice Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie

Author: Healthnuttxo

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, no? The only thing I was craving was something creamy, fruity and cool. What better way to satisfy that craving than with a Jamba Juice smoothie?

I walked into Jamba Juice and decided on the Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie in the Sixteen size, as I happen to love strawberry and banana mixed together. I was a little taken aback at the price- $5.12 for a smoothie. That’s quite a chunk of change for a smoothie! However, I would soon find out it was worth it!

As you can see, it was a pale pink in color, with a frothy top. It was smooth and not too thick, which was good.  It was also pretty sweet, but not sugary tasting. It had mostly a strawberry-yogurt type of flavor, with some banana undertones as well.  I love that I could taste the occasional piece of strawberry or strawberry seed, which gave it a very natural and authentic feel. In fact, at the bottom of the smoothie I found a little chunk of banana and a piece of strawberry as well!

Overall, it was really good. I would get it again, but not every day since I can’t afford to spend over 5 bucks for a smoothie every day (although I WOULD if I could!!). As a whole, 4 stars

What’s your favorite recipe for a homemade smoothie?

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