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I’ve been missing, I know. No need to fill out a wanted persons ad. I AM alive!!!

I’m sorry for being such a crappy blogger and not posting as much as I should butttt….. I am back!

And BACK at it with a punch! The kind folks over at Nellie’s and Pete & Gerry’s let me have some coupons to try their eggs for free. So I bought one of each and brought them home.

NOW I eat enough eggs and egg whites that I almost consider myself an expert. Eggs-pert if you will ( Sorry…I had to say it, I really had to say it). So I was pumped to try these. And I must say I found some differences between these eggs and your average Joe eggs (which, let’s be real here, I often buy because bulk = cheap and Lisa= broke … (it’s factual I swear) )

Both of these eggs came in pretty schweet containers. A thicker plastic (that used to be a water bottle according to the package!!!) that you open up and then is another protective plastic layer on top of the brown eggs.

I liked that the eggs were different shades of brown. Like it’s okay to eat food that’s not the same EXACT uniform color all the time, and has NATURAL discrepancies. I can dig it.

I noticed that when cracking these eggs, the shells broke very easily. I had a few pieces of egg shell to pick out of my bowl (oops), but nothing I couldn’t handle, and a price I would pay for humanely grown, natural eggs.

The eggs were super white in color (for the whites) and the yolks tasted amazing. I did NOT whip the egg whites before cooking, and these were definitely fluffier than any other generic bulk- eggs I would normally crack open and fry up and eat. And let me remind you I eat eggs every. single. day.

(sometimes twice a day)

So I can make this statement when I say these are excellent! Very fresh, and I loved that the Nellie’s version, although not organic, had omegas in each egg.

Overall…a solid investment. Are they pricy…yes. Unfortunately. It could be NYC’s lovely, I mean crappy, prices, but these were 4-5$ a carton. And being I can eat 12 eggs/egg whites in a day, this is something I would buy and ONLY eat if I were to eat the whole egg and not something I would buy to use the white and discard the yolk. Although, I did make brownies with these eggs…so whoever got a batch of those consider yourself v e r y lucky I used 3 precious eggs on you!!

I would give 4 1/2 stars. Taste, quality, packaging, is amazing. Price, kinda sucks. But hey if you got the means, go for it!!! And throw a few my way, please 🙂

JUST when I’ve been so good on my diet… (egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, veggies, you name it!) I get a whole box of cookies to try from Irene’s. What’s that? My diet out the window? Womp. (not really complaining though- thank you guys for your generosity!)

I have tried the Raspberry Puffs from Irene’s in the past. LOVED THEM, and was offered to try the Lemon Cranberry and Apricot versions. Irene’s also sent me some meringues to try as well.

For obvious reasons, I tried the Apricot Puff first.

Of any dried fruit or jam, it is APRICOT that I like the most. So sweet yet tangy and delicious. The puff was thick, about the width of my thumb, with a jam in the middle. The crust of the cookie was soft and doughy. It tasted kind of like a standard buttery pie crust, but a bit sweeter from the sugar granules. The fruit part was delicious as expected 🙂 Not super smooth, and had a bit of texture. Delicious. Tangy and sweet as it should be. The bottom of the cookie was a bit harder and “supported” the cookie which was nice. I liked the fruit component a lot here, but felt the cookie/crust part was a little bland and dense, so  4 stars.

Next up, the Lemon Cranberry.

This one was not as wide as the apricot, but still good. The crust part of the cookie tasted pretty much the same, but a bit sweeter as I think part of the jam/fruity part of the cookie soaked into it. The fruity part was good- more lemon than cranberry flavor and had a refreshing tartness. It reminded me of raspberry lemonade- sweet yet tart and delicious. The cookie seemed lighter than the Apricot version, and a bit sweeter. I liked the crust part of this cookie better than the Apricot, as it wasn’t as dense,  so  4 stars.

Next up, the meringues!

In a chocolate and vanilla version I would assume (black and white colors). Both were very delicate, the “brown/black” meringue smelled like cocoa powder, and had a chocolately flavor as well. Very sweet, and melted in my mouth instantly. The whiter meringue was also good, and I preferred that one over the “chocolate”. It was sweet like icing, and had a better flavor. Overall, 3 1/2 stars.

Overall, Irene’s makes some seriously yummy cookies! Addictive. I like how their slogan is “Always fresh, Always Homemade!” and they are made with natural ingredients. I also like how they were sweet yet had savory components (for the puffs) and how the meringues were just the sweet treat I need after a meal to fix my sweet tooth without derailing my diet. After all, moderation is key 🙂

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