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13 Aug 2013, Comments (0)

A Vegetarian Recipe to Try

Author: Healthnuttxo

Hey guys!

I have an awesome recipe to share for you guys to try! Everyone likes Tacos, right? I think it’s one of those things where vegetarians and non-vegetarians unanimously can agree that it is one tasty dish! Although this dish is meatless, Quorn has provided us a great recipe using their mince as a hearty replacement. The recipe can be found here http://www.quorn.co.uk/recipes/vegetarian-chilli-beef-tacos/


First off, why vegetarian? Don’t let the fact that it is vegetarian scare you! I am all for eating meat at most of my meals for staying full and eating a good amount of protein, but this dish has ingredients that will keep you full and satisfied. For example, the kidney beans that are used have a good amount of protein and fiber as well as complex carbs that will help full you up without slowing you down. It is good to have some vegetarian meals as well, as protein sources from animals tend to be high in cholesterol and saturated fat. As a  bonus, by replacing meats with meat alternatives or adding legumes to meatless dishes, you get exposed to a lot of heart-healthy vitamins and minerals without all the fat!

What’s good about this recipe is that it is relatively simple to make, and is 306 calories a serving (for a total of 4 servings). But hey… I won’t judge you if you eat all 4 servings ;]
It may seem as if the recipe has a lot of ingredients, but it includes spices and things that will probably already be in your cabinets. For example, garlic cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, greek yogurt, lettuce, tomatoes, and grated cheese will most likely already be in your home. I know they are certainly in my house! So you may only have to purchase a few ingredients, and of course you can swap and add your own ingredients as you please.

So, someone let me know if you end up trying this! I think you guys will really enjoy it. And I’ll end this post with a question…

What’s your favorite vegetarian dish? My favorite vegetarian dish is literally a cheese omelette made with 1% cheddar cheese and broccoli. MMM! So good!!

26 Mar 2010, Comments (6)

Amy’s Kitchen Sheperd’s Pie

Author: Healthnuttxo


Amy’s Kitchen has made a Sheperd’s Pie that is meatless, gluten AND dairy free. Amy’s says this Sheperd’s Pie has “organic vegetables in a nourishing broth blanketed with smooth mashed potatoes”. This meal also has only 4 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and is completely and 100% natural.

So I followed the microwave instructions and popped this pie in, let it sit for 2 minutes as directed, and popped it on out. I decided to have it with some Trader Joe’s soy nuggets & applesauce, because I had a feeling a little vegetable pie would not be enough to satisfy my raging hunger after an afternoon run.

After 5ish minutes or so, a little bit of the filling oozed out into the packaging, but nothing I couldn’t handle lick off the wrapper. I decided to try just the top first-the mashed potatoes. They were super fluffy with a real homemade taste. The potatoes were nice and creamy, and almost had a whipped-like consistency. There were garlic and onion flavors that also complimented the potatoes nicely. Onto the filling-assorted vegetables consisteing of bits of mushrooms, carrots, celery, garbanzo beans and tomatoes.  It sort of reminded me of vegetable soup- the taste, not the consistency. It had a tomatoey-based taste, mixed with some spices, which included a dash of black pepper. This pie was packed with these veggies, that were all tender and nicely cooked, The carrots were not as tender, and had a bit more of a bite to them. In my opinion, I liked that the carrots were slightly less soft than the rest of the veggies- mushy carrots are for baby food jars! 😛 The filling also had a slightly salty and garlicy flavor, but overall was very tasty.

Overall, I give this pie 4 stars. Amy’s rarely lets me down- I have yet to encounter a meal I haven’t liked. This pie has a very good flavor- a comfort food for sure. It’s not enough by itself for a meal, but if you pump it up with some protein and veggies (or applesauce!!), you can turn it into a light, healthy and delicious.  However, my favorite part was the crispy edges that formed on the potatoes after being cooked in the microwave. Yum!! 🙂

What’s YOUR favorite Amy’s Product? Let me know!!

1 pie is 160 calories, 4 grams of fat, 27 carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein.

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