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26 Dec 2009, Comments (2)

Cedarlane Three Layer Enchilada Pie

Author: healthnuttxo

I know it’s the day after Christmas, but, who’s craving Mexican!?
I was! Too¬† many sugar cookies (organic of course ūüėõ ) and¬†yummy dishes can do that to a girl. So I was in the mood for some Mexican, and where other did I turn to than Cedarlane’s Three Layer Enchilada Pie?

Cedarlane’s Three Layer Enchilada Pie is layers of organic corn tortillas, green chilis, cheddar cheese, organic black beans, black olives and cilantro all smothered in a tomatoey salsa-style sauce. Taking it out of the freezer it sure looks prettyy (sorry i forgot to take a picture! D’oh! ūüôĀ ). You could see the cheddar cheese sprinkled on top with about 5 or 6 olives and some scattered green chilis to decorate the dish (and add flavor, obviouslllyyy). When it’s cooked, the cheese melts in with everything else and it has nice and crispy edges. It smells amazing too- saucy, cheesy, onion-y, yumm-y!

I took this “pie” out of the container and transfered it to a plate and put a big heaping of applesauce next to it ( Okay it seems like I eat¬†applesauce with everything!…perhaps that’s true ūüėÄ ). I sort of destroyed the layers by doing that, but it was one big pile of deliciousness on my plate instead of in an organized stack. But i’m not biased- I can eat messy things. Looking at this meal there were a TON¬† of black beans, so¬†if you like black beans, you are IN LUCK! I scooped up some of my “mess” and it was actually very good. It wasn’t spicy at all, and had a nice cheddar cheese taste. The cheese had a consistency after being microwaved to the cheese in baked macaroni & cheese, rather than being gooey like the cheese in mozzerella sticks (you know, that¬† annoying kind that you keep pulling and pulling and never ends…*sigh*).¬† It gets a little pasty,¬†but still has a nice sharp, cheddar taste. The chilis and olives had a wee bit of a crunch to them, and flavored the dish nicely. The taste of the¬†dish overall is like combining Amy’s Cheese Enchiladas with Cedarlane Vegetable Enchiladas. Both I enjoy¬†very much- so I was a happy camper :).¬†I was also happy there was no corn in this dish either (aside from the corn tortilla).¬†Every time I buy enchilada/burrito products there are always corn niblets! I prefer other vegetables, so thank you, Cedarlane for omitting it this time! ūüôā

Overall, I liked this. It reminded me of eating a bowl of nachos with the hot salsa/cheese dip in “pie” form. It has a nice tomato and onion flavor, and it was satisfying with the 26 grams of protein it provided. The negatives, however, are that the sodium is a little high (50% Daily value for the whole meal), the saturated fat is a little high (6 grams for the whole meal) and there are 2 servings in one container. I hate that! There’s no way I can cook half or even consider sharing something so delicious. ūüôā

Otherwise- 4 stars for you Cedarlane! Delicious!

There are 2 servings per container. Stats are for both servings.
430 calories, 14 grams of fat, 54 carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber, and 26 grams of protein. You also get 50% calcium needs. woop!

Enchilada Pie Filling (organic black beans, rennetless cheddar cheese, organic green chilis, organic wheat free tamari, herbs and spices, sea salt), Enchilada Pie Salsa Style Sauce (organic tomato puree, organic tomatoes, filtered water, onion, green chilis, organic safflower or canola oil, herbs and spices, cilantro, corn starch, sea salt), Organic Corn Tortillas, Black Olives.

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30 Jul 2009, Comments (2)

Cedarlane Garden Vegetable Enchiladas

Author: healthnuttxo

enchilCraving some¬† Mexican food, but hate the calories, fat, and artifical junk? Want something sinful tasting, but¬†something you would regret?¬†Look no further than Cedarlane’s Garden Vegetable Enchiladas! These babies are so good they only make you feel like you are eating at a Mexican restaurant, when really you are enjoying them from home!

Each Enchilada is made with organic beans, bell peppers and tortillas, is low fat, vegetarian,¬†and gluten free. The enchiladas are wrapped in a yummy corn tortilla, stuffed with vegetables and cheese, and then layered with a “spicy enchilada sauce”. The box is a bit misleading, it shows 2 enchiladas all rolled up and good to go, but when you cook this meal you obviously can’t eat them with your hands. These yummy enchiladas require a fork and knife (and even a spoon to scrape up the leftover sauce!)

The corn tortilla tastes like the hard yellow taco shells you would get when eating out. I liked the outer layer, and i especially liked after it was cooked, the edges of each enchilada were a little harder/got crusty. It was yummy!
The vegetables inside were cooked nicely, tender and full of flavor. I didn’t care too much for the onion, however. There are a few pieces of onion that are crunchy and they are STRONG. When you take a bite and there is a piece of onion in it- you’ll know! The peppers add a nice touch, and are definitely responsible for the “spicyness” of the dish. There are also pinto beans with the vegetables, and i’m not usually a fan of beans, but there was just the right amount of them in the enchiladas.
Lastly, the sauce. One of my favorite parts. It’s savory, tomatoe-y, a tad spicy, but also sweet. It’s really good! I found myself running my finger on the carton after i finished my enchiladas to eat the remnants of the sauce. De-lish!


Overall, i would definitely get this again and reccommend it highly. It’s very satisfying and packs a nutritional punch with low fat,¬†and high fiber/protein. ¬†Each enchilada is 140 calories, 3 grams of fat, 20 carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 9 grams of protein, and provides 20% of calcium needs. There are 2 enchiladas in the tray. My only complaint was that i wish it was a little more cheesy. I did get one REALLY good bite that had a lot of cheese, but other than that, there isn’t too much cheese flavor. Regardless- GET THIS MEAL!

Enchilada Filling (rennetless non fat cheddar cheese, organic bell pepper, organic pinto beans,rennetless cheddar cheese, organic corn, green chilis, onion, black olives, herbs and spices, salt), Enchilada Sauce (filtered water, organic tomato puree, sweet rice flour, herbs and spices, honey, salt), Organic Corn Tortillas.

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