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Alexia Mushroom Bites

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….Mushroom bites? Really? Mushrooms? Don’t be grossed out! They were actually pretty good. And I’m not really a mushroom fan… I tend to pick them out of my entrees or just leave them on the side. I went through a brief period where I loved mushrooms and then I had just one mushroom that was too squishy and that there […]

4 1/2 stars , Frozen Foods , Marie Callender's

Marie Callender’s Creamy Chicken & Portobello Risotto

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You could say I have had PLENTY of frozen meals in the past. Between eating them intentionally for a review, eating them because I haven’t had time to fully cook a meal, or the more likely option, I’m too lazy to cook anything, I have had a good amount of meals in the past. I do have a couple standards […]

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