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5 May 2010, Comments (1)

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks

Author: Healthnuttxo

Sensible Foods creates unique, delicious, and crunchy snacks to fit your everyday lifestyle. They make dried fruit snacks, dried corn, and soy nuts, that are all natural, contain no preservatives, and some of them are even organic as well.  From the website, here’s some info about their goodies.

  • “Proprietary Crunch Dried process is done in a high vacuum at very low temperatures.
  • This process removes the water while maintaining the products cell structure, nutritional value, and intensifying its natural flavor.
  • Proprietary Process and packaging keeps the product fresh tasting and nutritious for an unbelievable shelf life of over two years.
  • Nice!  🙂

    The company sent me their flavors to try, which come in Sweet Corn, Cherry Berry, Tropical Blend, Orchard Blend, Apple Harvest, and Dried Roasted Soy Nuts. I was excited to try these- I love crunchy, dried fruit! Not as caloric as traditional dried fruit (the chewy type) and much more fun to play around with (In recipes, of course!)

    I decided to munch on Orchard Blend, Sweet Corn, and Cherry Berry.

    Orchard Blend- this one is a blend of freeze-dried peach, apple and apricot. It was certainy unique, and very tasty! The peaches were my favorite part of the combination- they melted in your mouth and actually had pretty big chunks. They also tasted very fresh, which was nice. The apple pieces were small and crispy, and the apricot added a nice tangy touch.

    Cherry Berry– this one is strawberries, blueberries, apples and cherries of course! There were huge cherry chunks, thet awere sweet & crispy. The  blueberries were good as well, and it was different for me, I never had a freeze-fried blueberry before! My favorite part was the strawberries! Normally, freeze dried strawberries are tart and bitter to me, but these were sweet! I was just upset because there were only a few pieces of these 🙁 There was actually a lot of apple pieces in this blend, which was surprising since it’s called Cherry Berry. Oh well.

    Sweet Corn- this one is sooo good! It actually tastes like eating popcorn, but it’s the freeze dried “kernels”! It even had a buttery taste to it (but rest assured-no butter added!) and had just the right amount of salt on it. Forget popcorn- I’m eating THESE while watching my next movie

    Tropical Blend
    – this one had pineapple, mango,  apple, which was nice , sweet and crunchy, and actually thick banana slices, which were sweet and light tasting. I didn’t really detect much of the pineapple or mango, but the others were delicious!

    Overall, I give these 4 1/2 stars. They are tasty, give a good portion, are all natural and are unique! I would like if they had more individual bags too (like the Apple has a bag with JUST apples), and would love it if they had JUST banana! I love banana! (ooh- imagine chocolate covered banana? Ok,,, I’m getting ahead of myself!) Definietely give these a shot if your in the mood for something crunchy, sweet (with no added sugar!!), yet healthy! These will hit the spot.


    Apple Harvest- these were quite tasty, too! I loved that they tasted fresh and were crunchy, with no added sugar! I couldn’t believe how they tasted so sweet and were so natural. Nature at it’s finest!

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