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All right so I have some new stuff to try from Zims! I recently reviewed another pain relief product of Zims, which was pretty good but overall nothing special.

First I tried the Max Freeze Patches which have both lidocaine and menthol. I was sent a tube of six patches in medium size which are 3 x 5″ each. They are individually wrapped and also come in extra large large and medium.

First, I put it on my neck. It is easy to unwrap and apply. I had a bit of a stiff neck, and it seemed to help. It was mostly cooling, but really make my neck feel less stiff. The patch stays on, and the odor is low, and it doesn’t linger or smell. The patch does not fall off easily which was a plus, and left no irritation.

The patch was also used on lower back and my knee and was effective on both of those as well. It doesn’t really have a heat sensation mostly just cold or cooling but no burning or irritate. it did a good job of loosening up and/or relieving some pain in the areas. It wasn’t AS STRONG as other patches I have tried but I actually prefer these, because I did not get any irritation. 

4/5 stars 

Next, we have the Zims Max Crack Creme.  The main ingredients in this is aloe and arnica extract. I constantly have dry hands because I wash them all the time due to taking public transportation or because of the nature of my profession. Also with winter approaching my hands get extra dry and take an extra beating. This cream was lightweight, non-greasy, and smelled pretty good. It had almost a floral scent but very very mild and smelled “natural”. It smoothed out my dry hands and made them soft and supple with no irritation. 4/5 stars 

Overall, these products worked great for me! Definitely worth a try 🙂

These products were given to me for free from the company. This is an unbiased review.


So if you live an active lifestyle like I do, aches and pains are inevitable. You commute, you have a heavy bag or backpack, that shoulder and trap area will be sore. You run? Maybe you have shin splints. You lift weights? Maybe you went a little too hard and strained a muscle.

There are plenty of pain relief products on the market. Pills, patches, etc. How often do you find one made with NATURAL ingredients? Not very often.

In comes Zim’s Max-Arnica. It is a roll on “gel” that you apply to minor aches, bruises and sprains/strains. It contains Arnica Montana (plant), Aloe Vera , Calendula Officinalis (plant), and Bellis Perrenis (plant).

There is NO animal testing with this product.

So I like that this is a roll on. I have used pain relief gel before with menthol and such in it, and not only does it STINK, but you have to get it all over your hands, and then wash very thoroughly to be careful not to get in your eye. This is not to say you shouldn’t wash your hands after using this to prevent eye contact with Zim’s, but less chance of exposure using the roll on.


I also liked the roll on feature because it helps you really work into the muscle. If you have bruising I would probably apply gently, since it probably is very sensitive.

First things first, make you sure shake it well! I was rolling it a bit and realized nothing was coming out…LOL whoops!

I applied this to two areas, my shins (shin splints) and the outside of my Glute after a strain at the gym. I do a lot of heavy squats and I think I tweaked it just a bit.

There is no smell which is a plus. It had very, VERY mild cooling sensation. But it is gentle. It doesn’t not burn intensely like some of those other pain relief products do.

As for my pain? I didn’t notice a drastic difference but I do think it helped provide some comfort, moreso with my Glute strain than on my shins. I have sensitive skin and am happy to report there were no side effects.

Overall? A 3 star rating. It’s not SUPER intense, but provided mild relief without utilizing synthetic pain pills or medications. Nature only!




(Please note: this is NON medical advice. I am not a licensed professional. This is my opinion ONLY. Always see your doctor and work out what is best for you).


This product was sent to me free of charge. This is an unbiased review.
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Topricin Pain Relief & Healing Cream

Author: Healthnuttxo

Alright! Not a food (obviously) but something new for me to try. Topricin, a “Pain Relief & Healing Cream”. At first when I offered to review this product (free for me, given to me by the company) I thought…hmm…do I even really have that much pain.

Uh…YES. I’m just “used” to it, so it’s not that prevalent anymore! Hysterical, I know, and borderline ridiculous.

They gave me a few to try, also including a Kids version for pain and things like bug bites. Today’s review is of the Pain Relief & Therapeutic Healing Cream, and the Foot Therapy Cream.

I tried the Foot Therapy Cream first.

I have on and off achilles heel pain, as well as very high arches which leads to pain if I run too much/don’t wear supportive shoes, or am just on my feet all day. Which brings me to…I am mostly on my feet all day long! So I thought this one would be perfect.

I put it on my feet and lower calves, and noticed it was creamy and non greasy. It absorbed fairly well and had no smell to it, which I really liked. Let’s be honest…some foot creams are STINKY! But this one didn’t have a scent at all. I also liked that this cream was “safe for diabetics”, as listed on the box.

The next morning, my feet felt refreshed. I felt a little less achy and I think the cream helped take some of the swelling that can occur.

For this one… 3.5 stars.

Then, I tried the Therapeutic Healing Cream by Topricin. I applied it to my neck/upper trapezius muscles, as I carry a heavy back pack for most of the day and I was feeling sore and achy there. I noticed that the first application applied easily, had no smell and was creamy. THe 2nd application left a bit of residue, as I guess my skin was already saturated with the cream. The pain did subside, but not completely. It did help, don’t get me wrong, but I noticed in an hour or so the pain was back.

For this one…3 stars.

Overall, I like the creams! I think they help with mild pain and I liked how the foot cream worked. I recommend you try them if you experience mild pain, or are active and always on the move like me!

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