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Not going to lie….I didn’t expect this to be as good as it was. I’m almost strictly an organic frozen meal kind of girl, or one that’s made with the best ingredients possible. I normally go for Amy’s Kitchen Meals, like this one, or sometimes even Kashi, like this pizza here. Online Colleges is a resource for finding information about health and nutrition. There is always more to learn about what the best ingredients in foods are.

Regardless, browsing the frozen food section, I saw this and was intrigued. I took a peek at the ingredients, and approved. I didn’t see any ingredients I didn’t really approve of, so I thought it would be worth a try.


Once it was done cooking, I could certainly smell the sauce throughout the kitchen. It smelled really good, and seeing as I just did a weights workout, I was hungry. This meal I felt was perfect post workout- protein, carbs, and some healthy fats alongside some veggies. I also had a chocolate chip cookie….but that’s besides the point 😉

I have a complaint when it comes to frozen meals and the vegetables sides. For the most part, I feel like the vegetables on the side are either

1. Too chewy/hard

2. Too mushy

3.Too plain.

THESE vegetables, however, were different. They were almost sitting in what I’m assuming is olive oil, and had a bit of seasoning to them. There were peppers, carrots, and broccoli, all perfect consistency. Not mushy, not chewy. So delicious. In fact, I kind of wish I could buy just the side compartment on vegetables and eat them alone. Yes, I am talking about broccoli and carrots. The peppers I could have done without, but I’m not a pepper kind of person.

Moving on, the pasta was a little on the soft side, but pretty good. It rested in a sauce that was a tad salty, but had a good flavor and even soft chunks of tomatoes. On top was the chunks of chicken and some pieces of cheese. The cheese was sparse, but certainly delicious. The chicken, not going to lie, was the letdown of the meal. It was a bit chewy, and I had some fatty parts I wasn’t happy about. It was juicy and not dry, so that was good, but I really wasn’t digging it. There was a mild pepper flavor I noticed too.

Overall? I really liked this meal! I would definitely buy it again. 4 1/2 stars

What’s your favorite product by Stouffer’s? I haven’t had much that I remember in the last few years, so this is my new favorite!

I’m not a pasta person – I’ll take rice, bread and pretty much any carb over pasta. However, an exception to the rule is macaroni and cheese. How can anyone possibly turn it down? Gooey, cheesy and super comforting – what’s not to love?

Ian’s Natural Foods is a brand that I happen to like, so I figured I would try the Ian’s Wheat Free/Gluten Free Mac & NO Cheese that I saw at the store. According to the sticker on the box, I paid $5.19 for it, which is a bit steep, but I also know from experience that gluten free foods tend to be expensive.

So I cooked this by the recommended method, via the microwave. Which, let’s be honest, even if it WASN’T the recommended method and the oven was suggested instead, I’d probably still pick the lazy route and use the microwave. So it was convenient for me the microwave WAS the preferred method =)

As it was cooking, it smelled like chicken noodle soup. Huh? I mean I knew this was called “Mac & NO Cheese”, but I was still hoping for a cheesy smell! After the cook time, here’s how it looked straight from the oven

I wont lie and say it was the most attractive looking entree. It looked kind of...mushy.

Now, finally onto the flavor. What happened to me is the sort of thing that I hope has happened to more people other than myself. When there are 2 cups on the table, say one with water and one with soda, and you go to drink the soda cup but accidentally grab the water cup, take a sip, and then are completely taken aback it’s not soda.

That’s what it was like with this mac and cheese. Or, rather, “Mac & NO Cheese”.

I was expecting at least somewhat of a cheesy flavor. However, I got nothing. It tasted like chicken noodle soup. Weird, I know. But honestly, it had the flavor of chicken noodle soup, but with a creamy sauce and noodles like macaroni and cheese.

I’m not saying it was bad, it was just unexpected. The noodles were pretty good, but had spots of funky-ness going on. Like some noodles on the edges were over cooked, and some on the bottom fell apart and were “piecy” almost.

The rest of/majority of the noodles were soft and had that baked, home-made mac & cheese consistency. The sauce surrounding the noodles was creamy, and not too salty, and there as a good quantity. So overall? I’ll give it a 3 star rating. I might eat it again, but it won’t satisfy a macaroni and cheese void for me.

If you had to choose only one to eat….would it be pasta/noodles, rice, or bread? I’d pick bread, hands down. =)

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