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McCain Seasoned Cross Trax Skin-On Potatoes

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I spotted something new in my freezer this afternoon, something I haven’t had in a while. French Fries! I decided to give these a try with some broccoli and vegetarian style chicken nuggets for dinner. I cooked them up for about 15 minutes or so, and here’s how they looked once transferred to my plate. And a close up with […]

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Amy’s Kitchen Sheperd’s Pie

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source Amy’s Kitchen has made a Sheperd’s Pie that is meatless, gluten AND dairy free. Amy’s says this Sheperd’s Pie has “organic vegetables in a nourishing broth blanketed with smooth mashed potatoes”. This meal also has only 4 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and is completely and 100% natural. So I followed the microwave instructions and popped this pie in, let it […]

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Amy’s Kitchen Non Dairy Pot Pie

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I’m putting this one up here because Amy’s Kitchen Non-Dairy Pot Pie it is one of my FAVORITES. It’s a staple in my house. Literally, I panic after I eat one because that means I have to run up to the store and buy another one ASAP! 🙂 This one is relatively low in fat (especially saturated fat), only 360 calories […]

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