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23 Aug 2009, Comments (5)

Barry's Bakery French Twists puff pastries

Author: healthnuttxo

Barry’s Bakery makes French Twists, which are “layers of sweet puffed pastry”. They come in a variety of flavors, ranging from Maple French Toast to Wild Raspberry. Two 13g twists is only 1 Weight Watcher Point,¬† and they are made without Cholesterol, Butter, Eggs, Yeast or Dairy, and of course, they are all natural (but why would i be eating or reviewing it if it WASN’T all natural ūüėõ )
Wild Raspberry- these were yummy. Melt in your mouth, puffy and cinnamonny. They had a slight raspberry taste, almost as if you put a smear of raspberry jam on them. THe crumbs on the bottom of the container ESPECIALLY had the raspberry flavor.

Maple French ToastРyum!! These were good.  They also were crispy and crunchy and left a slight maple syrup flavoring after each bite.

Chocolate Chip–¬† oohh chocolate. These were good too. More of a cinnamon flavor than chocolate, but again, had a hint of¬† a chocolate flavor after each bite.

Original- light, sweet and crunchy! Very slight raspberry flavor!

Overall, addictive!! They don’t have a BURSTING flavor of what’s indicated, they all taste puffy and cinnamonny, but they all have a *hint* of the labeled flavor (for example, the wild raspberry isn’t BURSTING with raspberry flavors, but has a delicate raspberry flavor and aroma).
Good thing i got the 5 oz tubs where EACH twist, which are about the size length-wize of your index finger, and width wize your index and middle finger, are only 30 calories! These would be a really good complement¬† to tea if you are a tea drinker. Granted, i ate a good portion of the tub of the maple french toast in a sitting (*oops!*), but hey, it only set me back about 210 calories! (Yes, that’s about 7-8 twists!)

Per serving- 2 Twists- 60 calories, 2 grams of fat, 9 carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 0 grams of protein.
Yea, yea, we all wish there was some fiber. But what can you do, THIS IS A DESSERT, PEOPLE! Plus it’s low in fat and calories, so I’m still going to indulge in these, no fiber or not.

I also like how there aren’t a bajillion ingredients in these as say, an Entemann’s product would?? ūüôā

Wild Raspberry-High Protein Wheat Flour, Soy Oil, Palm Oil, Beet Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt & Natural Rasperry Flavor.

Maple French Toast-High Gluten Wheat Flour, Soy Oil, Palm Oil, Beet Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt & Natural Maple Flavor.

Chocolate Chip-High Gluten Wheat Flour, Soy Oil, Palm Oil, Semi Sweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose ) Beet Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt & Natural Chocolate Flavor.

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