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5 Apr 2012, Comments (16)

Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping

Author: Healthnuttxo

Um………confession time.

I am a Cool-Whip addict. But seriously.

I KNOW, it’s full of not-so-good for you ingredients, I think I’ve even seen the really evil ones like HFCS or trans fats, and I KNOW it practically has no nutritional value and I KNOW why don’t I just eat natural whipped cream?

Well, I can’t explain it. Something about cool-whip. Good enough for me to eat straight from the container. (Don’t judge me…)

SO, in hopes to find a healthier alternative, I saw Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping at Whole Foods. YES I thought, FINALLY a healthier alternative. This one was made with natural ingredients, was gluten free, trans fat free, and gave me a bit more piece of mind. It was also around the same price, at 3 dollars a container.

Notice the dent I made…. 😀

So how was it? It was fluffy and light, just like Cool-Whip. But it certainly had a different, odd, taste. Almost like a fake vanilla marshmallow? Odd. It was sweet, and melted in my mouth, and did not have that oily feel to it but a very natural one which was a plus. BUT, if definitely had some weird flavor to it I really couldn’t not think of how to describe!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible at all, it was different! It had a pleasant sweetness, and was almost vanilla/tapioca in flavor. It was good, but not amazing. One thing I noticed though was that it didn’t have that chemically aftertaste I get with Cool-Whip (sorry Cool-Whip…you’re amazing and all but that aftertaste has to GO!!). So that was definitely a plus.

Although the question is, buy Cool Whip, love the flavor, and dislike the aftertaste? Or buy Truwhip, better ingredients, not crazy about the flavor, but good aftertaste? Decisions, decisions.

Overall, I would give it 3.5 stars. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Only if Cool Whip wasn’t available…. ;’)

good thing I just got a manicure! 🙂

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