4 1/2 stars , organic , Stonyfield Farm , yogurt

Stonyfield Organic Low Fat Petite Creme Belle Blueberry

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So whilst purchasing my weekly dosage (yes, dosage) of greek yogurts, I spotted this new gem on the shelf. I used to be absolutely obsessed with regular Stonyfield Farm yogurts for years…it was my go snack. I since then moved onto greek yogurt, but Stonyfield Farm will always have a ¬†place in my heart. So I saw this Stonyfield Organic […]

4 Star , organic , Stonyfield Farm , yogurt

Stonyfield Farm Organic Mango Honey Yogurt

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One of the greatest inventions of food for me was definitely yogurt. But not just any yogurt- real, natural yogurt. One of my favorite brands is Stonyfield Farm- they produce some really delicious and organic products! Today’s review? The Organic Mango Honey Yogurt. I ¬†usually eat yogurt with some cereal, or something like a slice of banana bread for a […]

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