Olba’s Herbal Tea, Lozenges & Pastilles



With the cold weather coming (um… eventually… it’s 60 here mid November, but I’ll take it!), having some delicious tea to warm you up or lozenges to soothe the inevitable cold thats “always going around” are ideal to have.

Olba’s sent me some of their instant Herbal Tea, lozenges, and Pastilles to try.

Let’s get started!

The Tea is gluten free and made from 20 herbs. It is is instant…I never had instant tea before. I always used bag tea. Hmm. How do I work this?

Simple! You take a teaspoon (or more, dependent upon your preference) and place it in a mug, and add hot water. The “pellets” instantly dissolve and voila! Tea! No annoying waiting! No annoying tea bags! No annoying burning of the tongue! Just kidding. I still did that. The tea however, was delicious. I am not a *huge* tea person per se, I like my caffeine in coffee form (a little too much may I add) but this one is a keeper. It was slightly sweet and had almost a honey taste to it, and almost a chamomile hint to it as well. Me like. Me like a lot. Like I said, I normally am not a tea drinker, if I do, it’s a honey lemon and it has like 6 packets of sugar added to it (kind of takes away the “health” of tea, doesn’t it?)

This tea as 3 carbs/sugars per teaspoon. I used about a tablespoon (go big or go home!!) for 8-10 ounces of hot water and found that to be my ideal “cup of tea” (hah… Ok I’m tired, I try to be funny when I am tired).

I do wish the bottle listed how much caffeine was in the tea, however!

Tea gets 4 stars

Moving on!

Olba’s Pastilles were green and looked as if they were sugar coated. They had a medicinal taste and well…tasted a bit like a generic cough drop. My brother tried one and said “they taste like they work” (LOL) which was a good thing for him, as he was currently battling a cold.

The Black Currant lozenges were honestly pretty good. Clear (which is cool— no artificial colors!)

Let’s put it this way. Have you had a menthol lozenge? Hall’s perhaps? I tend to not buy those (LOL) because I can’t stand menthol, BUT…these were actually good. The menthol wasn’t overpowering. The black currant flavor was very mild, but persistent throughout. These are an ideal cough drop for me. The lozenges contain 10 mg of menthol, so they are both a cough suppressant and oral anesthetic.

The lozenges are warming and soothing, but not overpowering, which is KEY for me.
I hate when cough drops make me feel like I have freaking ice down my throat. Overly mentholated–> no bueno in my book. Olba’s lozenges–> bueno!

Overall, I give these 4  stars for both efficacy and flavor.


DISCLAIMER: I received these products from Olba’s for free of charge. This is an unbiased review.

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