ISOThrive prebiotic nectar


People are more or less familiar with PRObiotics…ya know, those friendly bacteria (yes, bacteria) that live in your gut and help keep you and your gut happy and working, but what is a PRE-biotic?  You can basically think of it as food for the probiotic bacteria (generally lactobacillus) to “eat” and then function at peak performance. We need to ingest prebiotic sources in order to fuel the probiotics for them to do their job.

This is where ISOThrive comes into place. It is 1g of maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides (a type of indigestible complex carbohydrate) that “feeds” your gut bacteria.

Do I take probiotics? Off an on. They are expensive, and some of them don’t work. Do I eat yogurt? Yes, daily, which is a natural source of probiotics. I have never ingested a pre-biotic type of supplement, but you can eat probiotics in foods like garlic, leeks, and other plant based foods, although the source may be low.

ISOThrive provides what you would need for prebiotics for the day in one tiny sachet. You can add it to water and drink, or take it and “drink” it straight from the little sachet. It’s about the size of a sugar packet, so it’s not a lot, maybe half a teaspoon at most.

ISOThrive claims to help with weight loss (by keeping hunger  at bay), provide an  immunity boostdigestive balance (by overriding “bad” bacteria and encouraging “good” bacteria), and be a natural acid reflux relief (by adjusting your micro biome).

first off…what did it taste like? Honestly, it’s not bad. It’s not quite a syrup, more of a “serum” in consistency, with no odor. It’s really just a sweet-ish but kind of flavorless, almost like sugar water, but thicker in consistency. I couldn’t be bothered to put it in a glass of water so I would just take it right from the packet and didn’t have any issues with flavor or consistency.

Did it work?

Honestly, I don’t know, maybe. I took this supplement once daily every morning for roughly 3 weeks now. The first few days I noticed a was a bit bloated which was annoying but I am also skeptical- is it the supplement? Or did I just eat something salty or high in carbs so I’m bloated?

I do suffer from GERD but I also constantly drink coffee with a high anxiety/stress life which only contributes to acid.  However, I did not really have any bad acid flare ups while taking this product. I also get nauseous from time to time with the GERD/acid and I was not nauseous while taking the product.

I’ll tell you I did not have my hunger lessened at all, but I am also extremely active thus, always eating, and I haven’t weighed myself so I couldn’t tell you if I lost weight or not but I doubt it (not that I’m really all that saddened by that, did not want to lose weight to start with). So don’t count on this for drastic weight loss.

As for immunity boost? I did not get sick while taking this product (knock on wood), but again, is that from the product? Or was I just not exposed to germs? This time of year is more allergy related “sickness” than common colds, so perhaps the germs just weren’t hitting me.

I mean I still got stomach aches and slight indigestion from foods, but overall haven’t had any problems with this supplement, and I definitely think it’s worth a try, especially if you have GI issues, bloating, GERD, or even if you find yourself getting sick a lot. We forget that the food we eat and the nutrients we consume have a lot to do with our health, so this may be worth throwing into the mix.

Here is the brief facts about ISO Thrive.


Disclaimer: I received this product for free. This is an unbiased review.
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