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Dave’s Killer Bread Sin-Dawg

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┬á Who likes cinnamon buns? I do! I do! ­čśÇ But they really should be called sin-namon buns, now shouldn’t they? Loaded with refined flours, sugars and fat, a traditional cinnamon bun may be heavenly on your taste┬á buds, but no so much on your heart. Enter Dave’s Killer Bread. This company managed to make the “Ultimate Sinnamon Roll”, making […]

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Amy’s Organic Chili & Marie Callender’s Cornbread

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What’s better than a big bowl of piping hot chili and some warm, moist cornbread on a cold, wintry night? Aside from winning the lottery, I couldn’t think of anything! ­čśë Tonight I decided to do a DOUBLE review, of Amy’s Organic Chili and, since I needed some cornbread, Marie Callender’s all natural cornbread mix. Normally I don’t (and can’t!) […]

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Cedarlane Eggplant Parmesan

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Cedarlane had generously sent me some products of theirs to try, including the Eggplant Parmesan. Well, after heating┬á up this dish┬áin the microwave, the picture on the box┬ádidn’t really not depict what┬áI had. The box┬áshows 2 long slices of eggplant with cheese and veggies. What┬áI got (I didn’t have my camera so┬áI couldn’t take a picture of it! ) was […]

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