4 1/2 stars , PopChips! , Snacks

Popchips Parmesan Garlic Potato Chips

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*Before the review begins, don’t forget about the Giveaway!* Enter for a chance to win a CUTE stuffed Beanie Puffin, courtesy of Barbara’s Bakery!* 🙂 I’ve had and reviewed some Popchips before- they are a tasty, healthier option when it comes to potato chips in my opinion. My favorites that they have are the Cheddar, Barbeque, and Sour Cream & Onion. What’s great […]

4 Star , PopChips! , Snacks


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What are Popchips, you ask? Aside from delicious, Popchips are chips, but they aren’t fried or baked, but rather, according to the website, made with “wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It’s a chip”. They are also relatively low in fat, are all natural, and come in 7 delicious flavors. They are the perfect compliment to your […]

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