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Snikiddy Grilled Cheese, Mac n’ Cheese, and Nacho Cheese Puffs

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I’ve reviewed Snikiddy’s yummy chocolate chip bites previously, and i enjoyed them.  So, I was excited to try their other snacks which would hopefully satisfy my salty/munchy craving. Snikiddy makes puff snacks, which resemble cheese balls  Each puff is about the size of a mini cotton ball or marshmellow. Grilled Cheese Puffs- I ate a few of these corn puffs, and i […]

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Snikiddy Chocolate Chip Bites

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I love cookies. Especially chocolate chip cookies! That’s why I was excited to try Snikiddy All Natural Chocolate Chip Bites. Delicious! The cookies are definitely bite sized, about the size of a half dollar or a big bigger than a quarter. The have big chocolate chips, or chunks rather dispersed in each bite sized cookie. They also have a slight hint of […]

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