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Clif Bar & Company C Bars

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Clif Bar & Company is one of my go-to brands for bars, because they have a lot to offer, are made with good ingredients, and most importantly, are tasty! The generous folks over at Clif Bar & Company sent me some of their Clif C-Bars to try, which are basically fruit & nut bars. According to the website, they provide 1 serving of fruit per […]

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Susta Natural Sweetener

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Whooooooo likes sugar? ( I do ! I do!) But, whooooo likes all the calories sugar contains and how ADDICTIVE it is, making us crave MORE? That’s what I thought. 🙂 So where to turn? Should I forget sugar all together? As in no more brownies? or cupcakes? No. Moderation is key. Everyone needs a lil suggah 🙂 Or, Should  I try artificial sweeteners? I […]

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