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The Sweetest Bean Gourmet Vanilla

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As someone who loves to bake, real Vanilla extract is a common staple in my pantry. I won’t sacrifice flavor by getting imitation Vanilla, either. A little goes a long way! The ladies over at The Sweetest Bean sent me Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Powder. This is a woman owned business and two life long friends (LOVE a long […]

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Expression Med Medical Tape: Why Pattern Matters

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I am a huge fan of Expression Med. They currently have tapes for products of Dexcom, Infusion Sets, and are hopefully expanding with products for Libre, Medtronic CGM and more in the future.  I have used their products before for my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor site and had great results. These tapes adhere to the site and not only help […]

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Eat Enlightened Low Calorie Ice Cream

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I’ve seen Enlightened Ice cream pop up on the freezer shelves…always curious. Could it taste good? Surely 80-100 calories seems absurd for a serving of ice cream that has flavor… Well…much to my pleasant surprise. Enlightened has a wide variety of low calorie ice cream that has a decent amount of protein per serving and relatively low in sugar per serving. […]

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Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care

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Summer brings bare feet and with bare feet comes…dry feet! No worries, Legendary Apothecary is here to the rescue with their Organic Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care. Legendary Apothecary is a new beauty brand founded in Los Angeles California. This product in particular  organic, VEGAN, and cruelty free. Smooth Feet is made with vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol and lavender oil as it’s […]

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Selestial Soap Natural Insect Repellent and Sunscreen

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Ahhh summer….what a great time of the year. However, with every great thing comes tiny bits of annoyances, right? Summer’s annoyances = BUGS and SUNBURN!!!! Two things that can turn outside play time into a serious pain (literally). Selestial Soap sent me some of their natural bug sprays and sunscreen. There is the I’ll Fly Away 100% naturally non-toxic Insect […]

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