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Selestial Soap Natural Insect Repellent and Sunscreen

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Ahhh summer….what a great time of the year. However, with every great thing comes tiny bits of annoyances, right? Summer’s annoyances = BUGS and SUNBURN!!!! Two things that can turn outside play time into a serious pain (literally). Selestial Soap sent me some of their natural bug sprays and sunscreen. There is the I’ll Fly Away 100% naturally non-toxic Insect […]

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Pacific Beach Organic Valencia Peanut Butter & Signature Peanut Butter Spread

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Time for a review…of my absolute kryptonite! Peanut butter! Seriously though…I can refuse any baked good in front of me, but put a jar of peanut butter and a spoon nearby, and you’ll find me melting. I go through the temptation  thoughts like Spongebob with water when he visits Sandy for the first time. “I don’t need it… I don’t […]

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Lotus Biscoff Spread

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Remember my love for Lotus Biscoff Cookies? Well take that love, multiply by 100, and put it in a jar. Literally. This stuff is BEYOND amazing. I’ve gone through almost 3 jars already (not at once…over a few days!!), and plan on ordering more soon when I run out. I don’t even put it on anything, I eat it straight […]

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Glutino Gluten Free Chicken Pizza with BBQ Sauce

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I was craving something carby for dinner (me? crave carbs? never (; ), so I decided to try the Glutino Chicken Pizza with BBQ Sauce I bought the other day at my Whole Foods trip. I really liked the Duo Cheese and Spinach & Feta pizzas that Glutino made, so I thought this one would be good too.  I set […]

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