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Sarna external analgesic lotion

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Ahh, summer. BBQs, sunshine, pool weather and…mosquitoes. From the fiery pits of H E double hockey sticks themselves ( my opinion lol) they seem to ruin almost every outdoor activity, leading you ITCHY! Sarna sent me a bottle of their itch relief external analgesic, made of camphor and menthol. Truthfully, it’s been sitting on my bathroom counter as (fortunately) I […]

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Kiara Sky Powder Dip review

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So after the disastrous Nailboo experience with dip powder, I decided to not give up. I recently purchased Kiara Sky after seeing someone mention It on an instagram post. It claimed to be professional grade and definitely had a hefty price tag, ($109 for a kit and about $20-30 per color), so I said WELL this has to be somewhat […]

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Pure CBD Vapor- CBD product review

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CBD- better known as cannabidiol – is known nowadays for being the non-THC component of Marijuana. In short – you can get the medical benefits of marijuana without the high. To read more about It, this is a recent article from Harvard. CBD is known for its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, and even I have seen some articles for its use in […]

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