Nailboo Dip Powder

I am a big fan of doing my nails.
Once a week since I was a kid I would do my nails for the week. Recently I splurged and got powder for the first time. I loved the results so much – long lasting, hard nails, no chips, 2-3 weeks of use!

I saw an ad for Nailboo on instagram (Insta always seems to get me to buy stuff) and saw It was backed by Brittany Aldean and Paris Hilton so…OK lets give It a chance.

I got 3 colors – Pop Star, Princess Pink and Cutecumber

Heres the kit in full – comes with applicator, top coat, base coat and base powder.

It was pretty easy to use. Paint your nail with base coat, dip into base powder, paint with base coat and then dip into color of choice

The little booklet failed to mention you need to dip several times to get the color you want. So the first round was a disaster LOL. But anyway I re did It.
The little booklet also failed to mention like they do on the website to wear a mask and eye glasses as you can get “dip flu” from the powder. Super.

So anyway this was round 2 with Popstar (color on the R in above pic)

My first issue is…thats not the color. that looks orange… not Pop star pink???
It was also very thick but I said ok this was probably on me as It was my first time doing It.

My second issue was the applicator brush was…broken??? Like It came out the bottle like this first time.

No worries though- I contacted Nailboo and they sent me a new one, no issues.

So round 2 , I tried the “Cutecumber” which might as well have been the “not-cutecumber”. It looked like Elmers glue once It dried. I actually painted over my pointer and ring finger with a nail polish bc I couldn’t stand the color and I was NOT in the mood to redo the whole process on a Sunday Night.

This was 3 coats of “cute cumber”

I mentioned Nailboo on IG and they offered to credit my account to get a different color. So again, awesome customer service.

Third try – Princess pink.
I also invested in a nail buffer to help the nails look less bumpy and more smooth before drying.

Loved this one. Came out decent and by my third time around I knew how to get a more smoother coat.

Problem is, a whole nail fell off 1 week later. I don’t know how It happened. I am not aggressive with my hands. I don’t have a manual job. I wasn’t touching any acetone. It also chipped on another nail. This was 2 coats with Princess pink. As least the color was accurate.

The whole process, including removing the powder nails, is about 1-1.5 hours.

This product stinks. The customer service is great however the quality? Stinks.

Colors don’t match up to the actual powder despite multiple dips, chips after 1 week, 1 random nail came off. The applicator nail polish bottle feels as if It was 1/4 way full when It arrived. It’s also decently expensive.

So for me, who hates going to the nail salon as I hate sitting there for 1-2 hours, and also hates chipped nail polish…I will be going back to basic nail polish and doing It once a week. Bc this is not worth the hassle.

The pros? The hard and strong nails. Princess Pink was a nice color Thats about It for me.

2.5 stars

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